A Perfect Weekend Getaway at Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort

A Perfect Weekend Getaway at Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort
Last March, I had the chance of spending an overnight stay in a cozy little farm in Pagsanjan, Laguna.  Knowing that this town is famous, dubbed as the ‘Tourism Capital of Laguna’,  led me to seek for another place to visit without dropping by at the most famous of its tourist attractions which is the Pagsanjan Falls.  Though I must admit the latter has been within my radar for quite some time now.  After some time ogling their old houses, straight I went to this resort to spend a perfect weekend.

Welcome to Villa Socorro
Wake up to the different soothing sounds of nature

I was looking for a cheap and nice place to stay.  I did not want to spend thousands just for an overnight getaway. Since I have not really explored the farther towns of Laguna, I readily searched the net.  Finding Villa Socorro was a blessing.  First, it is near my hometown and second it is right within my budget.

Children can roam freely in a large and quiet playground
Helpful markers are abound in the resort grounds

Balanac River flows at the end of the resort properties. One can hang out with cows resting lazily at the river banks

Villa Socorro lies at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range with the Balanac River just at the edge of the resort.  I swam a bit in this gentle-flowing river.  I was really glad that provincial activities are still alive.  Women washing their clothes the old palo-palo style.  Men fetching their cows, letting them wander and eat in the abundant grasslands.  Children either fetch water or swim in the river.  I envy them since they are fortunate enough to spend their childhood in a very peaceful place like this.

The general manager of this resort, Mr Raymund Aaron, was very nice and accommodating in answering all of my questions during my reservation process.  Unfortunately, I was unable to personally meet him since he had to tend to an important event in Manila.  Since the resort is family-owned, I wasn’t really surprised by the just-arrived-at-home feel I had upon getting there.  We were the only guests at the time and I was actually kind of shy from getting special treatment from the staff.  ðŸ™‚

As featured in a local publishing

We were free to set up camp anywhere we like. However, since we were the only visitors, I chose to set up mine near the shower room, near the lights, sandwiched in between the dining hall and resort rooms.  We had the opportunity to star-gaze.  The skies were clear even though the promise of rain was seen earlier.

Dining Hall
Dinner is served!
Ginataang Manok na may Papaya, Inihaw na Talong, Rice, Softdrinks and Minatamis na Saging

Ate Rowena, the resort’s resident master chef, was very prompt in serving our dinner and breakfast. If I had not had my braces, I am sure I will be able to fully enjoy these one of a kind delicacies. Masarap!
Rows and rows of Banana trees!

Costs P 30 each, can be bought at the resort store

Villa Socorro is also home to one of the tastiest banana chips I have, well tasted. :-).  Their secret? From harvesting, to cooking, to packing, the process is done all in one day. As they say: From the tree to a pack in one day: Amazing!

Resort rooms are either named after fruits and vegetables

The resort also accepts weddings, corporate outings, team buildings and similar activities.  A small but very private nature-themed wedding can be held here.   With its spacious amenities and laid-back vibe, gatherings will definitely become more intimate here.

Resort grounds
Tummy-filling breakfast
 Daing na Biya, Egg, Fried Rice, Pritong Saging and Coffee/Tea
Villa Socorro proudly and conscientiously promotes what I call ‘green tourism’

I am very glad that they promote what I refer to as green tourism.  They are not just in existence to provide a comfy place to stay.  Promoting environmental awareness is really a plus factor for nature-lover guests like me.

This room is good for group stays
On the trail to Balanac River

For nature lovers like me staying here was an enjoyable experience.  Anywhere I look I am surrounded by trees, serenaded by chirping birds and greeted by little hopping frogs of different sizes and colors.  It is a perfect place to be one with Mother Nature and commune with God’s wonderful creation.

More photos here

Entrance Fee: Php 150 per pax
Overnight camping fee: Php 300 per pax (entrance fee inclusive)
Tent rental fee: Php 200 – tent good for two persons; Php 400 – tent good for four persons
Meal inclusions:  should be advised upon booking

More detailed rates can be found here.

Villa Socorro also offers various activities for their visitors.  These tours must be booked in advanced.
1. Pagsanjan Falls Tour
    Duration: 2 ½ hours
    Rate: Php 1,250/head
2. Nature, Culture and Heritage Tour of Pagsanjan 
   Duration: 9 am-5 pm, every Saturday 
   Rate: Php1,250/head, inclusive of PM Snack
3. Heritage Tour of Pagsanjan 
  Duration: 1 pm- 5 pm
  Rate: 500/head, every Saturday, inclusive of PM Snack
4. Forest Spa Massage/Masahilot  
  Rate: Php 500/hour
*Rates posted here may change from date of publishing. Kindly contact the resort for updated rates.

How to get here
From Manila, take bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna – Greenstar Bus Line in Buendia, Php 112 per head.

From Sta. Cruz Bus Terminal, ride in any jeep bound for Pagsanjan town proper. Advise the driver to drop you off at Iglesia Ni Cristo Church in Brgy. Sampaloc, fare Php 8.  At the road facing this church, ride a trike towards Brgy. Dinggin where the resort is located, Php 50 per ride.

Contact Information
E-mail:  villasocorrofarm@yahoo.com
Landline: (02)8526484
General Manager: Mr. Raymund Vincent Fernandez Aaron 

** Book Here for discounted rates! **

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