Road Trip Travel: Safety First

Road Trip Travel: Safety First

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As a frequent traveler, it has always been a dream of mine to learn how to drive and take my wanders to a whole new level. However, since I am still contemplating on when to actually learn how to drive, for now I am readying myself on what I will do when I am finally behind a four-wheeled vehicle.

If I were to purchase my very first car, the first thing I will consider will be its safety features aside from the aesthetics of course (I am still a girl after all)! For me, driving equals responsibility. As a driver, your responsibility extends to your passengers as well. That’s why taking into consideration a car’s safety features is a must specially for first time drivers. 

I think an SUV will be a great choice for lady drivers (would be!) like me. It will perfectly fit my adventurous wanderings and it has this sleek and elegant design I am attracted to. I can now imagine the road trips I am going to make with my friends if I were to be a car owner someday! 🙂

For now, I will start reading up on how to be an effective driver. Soak up on tips how to be a good one. And last but not the least, how I can help in lessening carbon foot print. But the latter deserves another story. 

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