The Old Houses of Pasig

The Old Houses of Pasig

I have come to treat Pasig City as my second home as a relative resides here. My concept of Pasig City was built upon the song Anak ng Pasig (child of Pasig) as popularized by the Philippine 90’s vocal group Smokey Mountain. For a long time, the picture of a dirty and smelly river was ingrained in my young mind.

Though the back streets are very narrow, they hold beautiful secrets which I discovered during one mid-morning biking session with Journeying Pinay.
I actually find biking in downtown Pasig as more familiar than in my own backyard.  I guess I got used to the partially unpaved roads and crowded streets. 

But what really surprised me most is its hidden rows of treasures. Most of them are still very well-maintained and still being lived in.
As we pass by along these grand houses, I can’t stop being nostalgic as I imagine its huge windows and verandas wide open, complete with a beautiful lady peeking to the streets down below. 

5 thoughts on “The Old Houses of Pasig”

  • This made me miss this old city.. I've lived in Pasig for some time and I enjoyed watching those old houses.
    Have you been to the old churches, too? They have one in San Miguel. There was even a park and a museum.

    Pasig is far from me now.. I wish I'd the chance to roam around it while I was still there.

    Thanks for this peek, Paola. 🙂

    • Hi Issa, I was surprised and obviously overjoyed upon seeing many old homes still existing in Pasig. I have not yet visited the old church, Next time I will.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  • Very charming and rustic. But we do hope that some modern engineering features (e.g. cables, reinforcing of floor trusses, etc.) be installed into these homes so they could withstand the tests of time and wear. It would definitely be a waste to see these beautiful houses rot away.

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