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20 Hours With Him

20 Hours With Him
Sometimes we sit by the window looking at the raindrops falling unto the window sill. We would wonder how the heaven’s tears were created. We would find ourselves holding out our palms and feel the rain water quickly slip between our fingers. Then we watch the earth swallow them whole, disappearing into the world down below.

Sometimes there are just no answers to some questions. Sometimes no matter what logical reasoning you apply to a simple query jumping around inside your head, there is just simply no explanation to the question why.

Five years ago, a friend and I traveled down to Bacolod City. That trip was very memorable to me. It was my first air flight. My first local travel to an unchartered destination. And my very first time to ride in a big white ship.

Yes, it was a trip of many firsts.  It was also the travel that played a big part of what I am doing today. A traveler who is ready to take on the world to look for something that will never be there again.Here on this journey that I have met a very special friend. A person dear to my heart. Who accompanied us in the 20 hour travel time back to Manila. Who entertained us with different tales of his work experiences abroad. Who ate with us. Who roamed in that big white ship with us. Who showed us the beauty of the night sky. Who showed us where the life boats are located in case of unlikely events. Who sat with us and chatted with us as the evening got deeper and quieter.

20 hours is too short to deeply know someone.  But it does not take a genius for you to know that someone you barely know could hold a special place in your heart.  Amiable love between two persons does not need to take years to develop, to grow, to deepen.  A simple smile shared between two caring hearts is enough.

As our ship docked on the shores of Manila, our hearts felt heavy that the trip was already coming to an end. We do not know if we will see our dear friend again. For some reason, we were unable to exchange numbers. It seemed like someone tied our tongues, just content on looking at each other and shaking hands all the time as if to say, thank you very much!

Yes, he held a very special place in my heart. But sadly, that would be the very last time we will see each other again. Through common friends, I found out that he perished on board M/V Princess of the Stars back in 2008 due to Tyhpoon Frank.

From that day on forward, I knew that whenever I wander and wonder, his image will always pop-up somewhere. I see him every time I see a tall, handsome guy. I see him every time I see a guy wear a white cap. I see him every time I see a big white ship. I see him every time I see the sea. I see him every time I see the stars. I see him almost everywhere.
His body was never found.

For my dear friend, you know wherever you are, I will always come looking for you. In every place I travel to remember that I am with you.  No one may truly understand that special friendly bond we shared. But I now know where you are. But that is only for me to now.

That journey with him was the first and unfortunately, the last.

This post is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for July 2012 with the theme “The Journey That Made Us a Travel Blogger”. Edmar Gu-Quibb of Edmaration Etc hosts this edition of the blog carnival. 
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