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2013 was a grand year for me. Why? It was my year to finally write off several exotic places in my travel bucket list. I did not get to travel as often as in 2012. But this decision was proven worthwhile as I have gone to Palawan, explored the islands and even went as far as to the very exotic country which is India.

Meeting New Friends
Again, just like in 2012, the most precious gift a traveler can have while on the road is to meet new friends. Friendships forged with the same love for traveling is often lasting. The exhiliration of meeting and planning my trips with these people are beyond words. Now, I already consider a two week travel super short. Thanks to them.

These guys made my second visit to Calaguas more memorable
And I finally traveled again with Marx and met the legendary Josiah Sicad! 
Peace Josiah!  I know you might hate me! lol

This trip definitely opened my eyes about the past and the future


2013 Travel Highlights
1. Tiptoeing in Tingloy Island – I am a beach babe. A visit to this almost unexplored island near the metro was a post-2012 Christmas gift for me!
Mindoro Island can be seen clearly from the here

2. My Liw Liwa Love Story.  – My love for sea was born seven years ago. For those close to me. You may know the story behind it. If not yet, feel free to read back my 20 Hours With Him. 

Re-uniting with the waves!

3. The Enchanting Enchantment of El Nido – Do I need to say more? This is El Nido baby! 

I was greatly charmed by El Nido!

4. The Magnanimous Santa Rosa: A Glimpse to Her Colorful Past – I have since discovered the wonderful history of my present hometown.  She is not just all about Enchanted Kingdom.
Our local hero’s ancestral home

5.  India Travel Series – I did not realize that I have already set afoot on the amazing India.  There were apprehensions at first specially since starting at the end part of 2012, horrible stories against women happened and were spread by media like wildfire.  Female visitors significantly dropped.  I had my fair share of not-so-good- experiences when I visited India but that did not taint the love I have developed for this awesome country.  I will visit her once more. Of this I am sure. 

I so love this shot!
India is truly incredible and amazing!

2013 for me was also year of hope, of dreams realized and of bonded, lasting friendships. It was also a year of not being afraid to try new things. To have gone out of my shelter and comfort zone and being not afraid of loving once again.

I am looking forward to a another year God has given me. 2014 will be another blessed year for me.  I hope I will also get blessed in the <3 department. Who knows, right?  Maybe he is just lurking there somewhere. That someone with whom I can share my numerous sunrise and endless sunsets.

Happy and safe traveling to all!  God Bless and cheers to a fruitful new year!



 http://langyaw.com/pinoy-travel-bloggerss-blog-carnival/ This is a Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival entry for December 2013. “The Pinoy Travel Bloggers Closing the Curtains on 2013: Love, Learn and Living” as hosted by Brenna Bustamante of The Philippine Travelogue.

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