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3 Top Tips For Getting Around When Travelling As A Large Group

3 Top Tips For Getting Around When Travelling As A Large Group

Whether you’re travelling with friends or family, there are certain concerns when you have a large group of people. Of course, there are benefits – it’s a lot safer to travel in numbers, for example. However, you are worried about how everyone will get around. When there’s a lot of you, it can mean that commuting is harder or more expensive than if you were alone. So, here are a few tips to help solve this problem with a few possible solutions:

Look for group travel tickets

A lot of countries will have public transport systems that provide group travel tickets. Effectively, it means you can have a ticket for a group of people, and it usually works out cheaper than everyone buying individual tickets. The other benefit of this is that you only have one ticket to worry about, rather than everyone needing to look after their own tickets. 

Of course, the downsides are that these tickets may only include a certain number of people. So, if you have a very big group, you might need to purchase a couple of tickets to include everyone.

Consider local forms of transport

Again, some countries will have local forms of transport that you can rent. In some parts of Asia, this could include tuk-tuks, while a lot of developed cities will offer bike rentals. Options like these let all of your rent a form of transport to get around together. The benefit is that it is usually a lot cheaper to do this than to go on public transport, and it’s normally easier to get around as you can travel through the roads and streets. 

Again, it does have some drawbacks – what if you are with a young family? You can’t expect your kids to ride a bike everywhere, so an alternative idea needs to be thought of.

Rent your own transport

Lastly, you can solve a lot of issues by renting your own transport for the duration of the trip. Again, if you are a big group, renting a couple of cars can be the easiest way of getting around. You can split the costs between the group as well, so it tends to end up being more affordable than constantly buying train tickets. 

If you’re a relatively small group – or a large family – you can get away with renting one vehicle for the trip. A lot of places offer minibus or van hire and rentals, letting you drive around with enough room for 7 or 8 people. It means you have more freedom to move without worrying about public transport schedules, and it’s the easiest way of keeping everyone together and safe. 

Evidently, there are plenty of options for large groups that are looking for ways of getting around. Which solution is the best one for you? Well, it depends on the size of your group, who you’re travelling with, and where you’re travelling to. Weight up all the approaches and consider which one has the most benefits for you and your group.

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