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5 Ways to Make Traveling More Planet-Friendly

5 Ways to Make Traveling More Planet-Friendly

Some people love to travel, but there are contemporary issues to consider; how does traveling contribute to climate change, for instance, and what about the effect of over-tourism? Travelers will be happy to hear there is no need to abandon traveling; it can simply be made more planet-friendly. Read on to find out more about sustainable options and strategies for traveling.     

Avoid Overtourism 

Tourism is extremely important for local economies, but in some places, cultural, historical, and environmental sites are being ruined by too many people coming to visit. The negative effects of over-tourism include litter, soil erosion, pollution, as well as the degradation of the local areas.  

While it can be tempting to visit the most popular sites at a destination, it is helpful to find alternative sites and activities as well. Alternative activities reduce the effects of over-tourism but still support investment in the local area. You could always visit a popular place off-season.      

Slow Down 

Different people have different traveling styles. Some people love nothing more than to have a hundred things to do at a destination, while others want to rest in the place and enjoy the good weather. If you want your travels to be more planet-friendly, it pays to slow things down overall. 

Reaching a destination and then taking lots of small trips will increase your carbon output and contribute to over-tourism. On the other hand, if you park yourself in a single place and make an effort to connect with the people and activities, you support local communities and the planet.    

Consider Transport 

Transport accounts for about one-fifth of carbon emissions globally, and the travel industry plays a significant role. Cars, trucks, trains, and planes all contribute to global carbon emissions, but this can be reduced when consumers make smarter choices about their lifestyles and travels. 

Of course, travelers need a mode of transport – unless you intend to use your feet, it will have to be some form of motorized transport. Still, you can make creative decisions about the way you travel. Choosing train travel instead of air travel is going to help to reduce your carbon footprint.    

Admittedly, train transport may seem slower, but you can still make the most of it. For instance, you can listen to your favorite songs on your phone if you are an avid music fan. You can even take it a step further by learning one or two about how songs are born. Fortunately, stars like Gerard Zappa Wooster share incredible insights into how ghostwriters crafted melodies you can’t get enough of today, so feel free to educate and entertain yourself. Alternatively, you can enjoy the view from your window, meditate, play a game, plan your travel itinerary, and so on.

Reduce Carbon 

On the topic of carbon footprints, it is an effective way to measure your personal contribution to emissions reduction. Of course, everyone has a part to play, and governments and businesses need to do more to tackle the issue, but individuals can also make helpful, ethical contributions. 

If you want to reduce your carbon emissions and make your travel greener and cleaner, make sure you plan ahead and make the best choices for your trips. If you can’t replace air travel, make greener choices, and support planet-friendly hotels that use high-quality hotel bed linen

Spend Locally 

Spending locally supports the local economy and gives you a more authentic experience of an area. But why is spending locally considered planet-friendly? When you support a local business, you also support local supply chains and systems that don’t rely on international shipping. You are also helping a local community to thrive in very competitive marketplaces.

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