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80 Beautiful Provinces

80 Beautiful Provinces

With the imminent conclusion of Journeying James’ 100 Days, I have this inkling feeling that I will soon follow in his footsteps. No, not having my own version of 100 days. Not at this time, at least not yet. What I meant is conquering our beautiful country’s 80 provinces.  It is a hard and rather daunting task to accomplish.  But with careful planning, I am sure I can do this in no time.  Hope I could at least conquer 1/3 of it this year, or more than, God-willing. 

That is my ultimate goal, for now.

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  • it's nice to explore first the country. there is so much it can offer. Tawi-tawi, Gumasa in Saranggani, Basilan and more. I don't know I will finish the entire archipelago, with fingers crossed, soon I will…

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