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A Delightful Stay in Hotel by Red Canal Mandalay

A Delightful Stay in Hotel by Red Canal Mandalay

I definitely did not make a wrong choice when I booked a stay at Hotel by the Red Canal Mandalay. Pictures of the hotel did not do justice. The place was elegant, cozy and a wee bit charming if I may add.

One can expect optimum privacy since the hotel is situated in one of the inner streets of busy Mandalay. We felt like stars upon our arrival – complete with a welcome sign and all. The cool drinks served to us was a great way to beat the heat because it was a rather humid morning.

The Business Lounge is one the aces of this boutique hotel
The hotel gym is only open to hotel guests
Veranda where guests can smoke or have their afternoon tea

Hotel reception

The property actually looked a bit smaller in person compared to online pictures. But it definitely was more beautiful up close. The main hotel is sided by a curvy small pool. While the restaurant sits quietly in the other corner overlooking the pool area. And underneath the restaurant is the space allotted for the secluded and romantic spa room.

I love biking. To my delight, the hotel offers bikes for free on a first come and first served basis. City maps are available at the reception. If you have questions, you can just ask one of the knowledgeable staff the best places to visit and what other things to do. They can also assist in booking tours or car services for you.

The hotel has four different room types. The room we stayed in was called a Shan Room and was of second category. Though the rooms are a bit packed, the interiors more than make up for it. The rooms are nicely decorated. It exudes warm, earthly tones. A perfect ambience for relaxation after a whole day of exploration.

Rakhine Room

My favorite part of our room was the bathroom. The counter alone was heaven to look at! With scents that could arouse your imagination. I truly admire the hotel’s cause of supporting the environment. It was evident in the materials used – all recyclable and earth-friendly.

The bath tub was cute. I know that it is a strange description of a bath tub but for me it was romantically cute with colorful petals floating in it.
The Spa
The spa was another world. It was situated in a room accessible by a door beside the pool. Upon entering its premise, guests would definitely feel instantly relaxed as softly-lit candles greets you by the door.


Spice Garden Restaurant
We had a bountiful breakfast come the next morning. Food are kept hot and fresh while the staff are always courteous when we needed something. The food, as expected, tastes great. It compliments the surroundings we were in. Refined and delicious also to the eyes.

Spice Garden Restaurant


Over all we liked our stay at this hotel. It was short but I still can not forget the nice scent, the rich interiors and plush surroundings. Of course the kind staff who assisted us and never failed to attend to all our needs.

Hotel by Red Canal

Room Prices

Hotel by the Red Canal

No.417, corner of 63 rd & 22 nd Road,
Aung Myae Tha Zan Township,
Mandalay, Myanmar. 

Toll-free Fax: : +1 866 3471109
Tel: : +95 2 68543
E-mail :info@hotelredcanal.com

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