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A Gastronomic Feast at Braska Restaurant

There are already many stand-out restaurants in Manila that someone who is wanting to find and try something new must include Braska Restaurant in their Must-Try-New-Restaurantsof-Manila in their bucket list.Braska Restaurant is a year old food establishment located along Bocobo St. in Malate. The restaurant is at the ground floor of Amelie Hotel Manila. While many may deem the restaurant offering the usual table fare, Braska Restaurant goes beyond this and perfectly mixes the modern with the classic in their delectable food choices.

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It wasn’t my first time to dine at Braska Restaurant. But it was only during my second visit that I got to know the history behind its name. Bocobo St., where the restaurant and hotel is located, used to be called Nebraska st. Obviously, the restaurant’s name is a play of the latter. Amelie Hotel Manila, meanwhile, was named after the owner’s grand daughter.

Braska Restaurant happily transforms from a laidback cafe in the morning to an ambient bar at night. During lunch, the restaurant has a gentle buzz of happy eaters, content in the thought that they are being served hot and delicious food just within the budget of conscious cosmopolitan travelers.

Dining Area

The restaurant’s interiors are well kept and designed to be hip and artsy for a richer dining experience. Soft music permeates within its premises, just loud enough for guests to hear each other over quiet meals and conversations. I also noticed old wooden planks on one side of the wall. Later on we learned that these were recycled from the owner’s ancestral home which used to stand in the lot where the hotel was built.

The restaurant’s menu varies. My friends and I spent a few minutes deciding what to order for dinner. We wanted to try everything but of course that is impossible. Good thing that Chef Poch mentioned a new addition to the bar menu. We tried some appetizer before tackling on the main courses for dinner.

Dishes Served
* Appetizer

Bar Chow*

* Dinner
Braska’s Beef Caldereta is a must try!*

Pares Panini*


* Breakfast 
L: American Breakfast
R: Tapsilog


We were able to have a chat with Chef Poch of Braska Restaurant. She shared to us the inspiration behind the different dishes they serve. We learned from her how the team always strive to come up with new and unique ideas, with their guests’ well-being always in mind.
With Chef Poch of Braska Restaurant

The restaurant now has live band shows on selected Thursdays of each month. They have also extended their operating hours from 6:30 AM to 12 MN everyday. The only thing that the restaurant needs to work on is being visible from the main street. The building where the restaurant is located is a bit hidden from view since other establishments overshadow its structure. The good news is that they are working on a better signage. This way, diners and hotel guests alike will have an easier time finding their way to a gastronomic dining experience.

Braska Restaurant
Main +63 (2) 875 7888 | Fax +63 (2) 995 3972
1667 Bocobo St.
Malate, Manila 1004 PH

*photos by LonelyTravelogue.com

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