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A New Year’s Dream

A New Year’s Dream

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Yes, here we are still hoping and praying for a new year despite still being in the midst of a pandemic. 2020 has been spent mostly indoors. But with great caution, we all have slowly adapted to the ‘now’ normal. I do not like calling our present situation new normal because wearing masks, not traveling and not seeing your loved ones are definitely not normal.

It was a good thing that the Christmas and New Year Celebrations were almost normal – albeit way toned down than previous years. I am still glad that Filipinos found a way to celebrate the Yuletide season.

Marinduque c. 2016

I realized a lot the past year. I have seen traveling in a totally different light. And what should be my focus in the coming years. As a single 38 year old woman (yes I am already this old), I know that there are many things that I could have done differently when I was younger. I lived the YOLO lifestyle when I turned 30. And in my 20s, I bucked responsibility to my then boyfriend. Regrets? No. But if I was aware then what my life would be, I will definitely choose to take matters differently. Perhaps then I am now in a more secure position financially.

Korea c. 2017

Love? I really don’t know. I met some guys the past years but all did not proceed to a deeper relationship. Right now, I feel that it is not right to proactively search for a love life. I don’t want to start a relationship with expectations right away. It is time for me to focus on myself this time. I deserve the best and I will never settle for less. I know that God will lead me to the person He knows who is best for me. I will keep on praying but at the same time focus on the matters at hand. My dreams? I will share these dreams once they are all realized. For now, it resides in my heart. 😀

Happy New Year. May we all be better persons this 2021.

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