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Adams is The Garden of Eden

Adams is The Garden of Eden

So somewhere up north I was able to cross a hanging bridge above a free-flowing river from the jungles. I vividly remember the slightly swaying steel rods as it groaned under me and Hazel’s weight. Rusty and worn-out, the bridge could use a new smudge of re-painting but I think it’s better left at its state (given no one would use it again). It blends perfectly with its rural surroundings: towering trees with over sized leaves. Yes, I was really in the middle of nowhere.

Happy kids they were : ))

So the early townsfolk called this place Adams. Why? It has been said that the early settlers thought they were in the Garden of Eden for the place held such a beauty. Hence, Adams was it was called since then.

We arrived at high noon. We were supposed to have a dip in any falls in the area but the ride going to town made us sleepy and tired. The ride was a good thirty minute from the main road. More than half of it consisted of rough roads but the surroundings were more than enough of a reward. 

After quickly deciding what to do next, we went to a local wine store and chanced upon Kuya Nonong the owner and his friend from New Zealand, Tom. We exclaimed a bit loudly when we knew where he came from as our friend Angel just left the day before. He visited Anupi Falls which we promise to visit in our next visit there.

Our visit in Adams was punctuated by buying local products (support our own) and a very nice memory of the a very secluded place. Though short our stay was, we would not have it another way.

How To Get Here

* Ride any north-bound bus (Cagayan). Landmark will be the Panzian Beach and Mountain Resort or Brgy. Pancian. Ask the driver/conductor to drop you off at Pagudpud-Adams Road which is situated right before Panzian bridge.
* Main mode of transportation is motorbike or habal-habal. Rates may start at P 120 per person or depending on your haggling skills.
* Register at the police station.
* Pay P 20 (per head) tour fee at the municipal office.

Where To Stay in Adams
* Log Cabin is one of the recommended lodgings. This is near the winery. Say hello to Kuya Nonong for me!

What To Do in Adams
* Chase waterfalls
* Buy local products such as brown rice, woven products, coffee products and bugnay wine
* Trek, be lazy for a moment and just admire the beauty of nature

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