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An Afternoon In Daet

An Afternoon In Daet

After spending almost two days at the captivating Calaguas Islands, regretfully, it was time to head back. We dragged our heavy bags and iron feet towards our boat and took one last group shot together. Our itinerary the following day would include my second attempt in surfing, visiting the first monument in memory of Dr. Jose Rizal and checking-out a nearby waterfalls.

Photo by Kevin

We checked in at Wiltan Hotel right at the heart of Daet, CamNor. Ivan and the rest took turns hitting the showers in their rented room. It was past 4 PM when we arrived. We were really hungry and I thought I could eat anything at that time.  My friend Chie and I took advantage of the slow Sunday afternoon. The townsfolk of Daet are abuzz, hither and thither, minding their own businesses.
A magnificent Bahay-na-Bato just a few steps away from our hotel

We hopped into the first trike that passed by and requested to be delivered at Jollibee. We were surprised seeing Jollibee the mascot waggling his striped orange butt to all passers-by. I did not hesitate to have my photo taken with him before having our early dinner. Who could not give in to a smile as big as that?


With the sun slowly setting beyond the horizon, I asked Chie to accompany me to the church. We asked for directions and found ourselves crossing this bridge where we saw several children climbing a rock formation, naked, jumping to the river for the dive of their lives. Such simple joys only children can truly appreciate. The setting sun also captured our attention and it brought a seductive glow over the still-busy street down below.



A mass was just ending when we arrived at St. John the Baptist Parish. As usual, I was expecting an antique church but seeing this church made me think it was newly-built. This church is more than 400 years old. The Diocese may have their reasons why they gave the church a complete make-over.


Church interior

Right across the church is the Kapitolyo of Camarines Norte. Since it was Sunday, the gates were closed so we did not have the chance to have our photos taken inside the grounds.  Before darkness fell, we went back to our hotel room and watched a local actor tripped over himself while he was walking on the rocky shorelines of Batanes. A lighthouse was at the backdrop, causing my now-droopy eyes all wide again. It was Ivan knocking at the door (he said he mistakenly knocked on the wrong room,waking up the lovers next door, just kidding!), saying goodbye for a bit which turned out to be our final goodbyes for this day.

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