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Ambling around Solenad Mall, Nuvali

Solenad Malls in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a well-designed mall for me. Unlike its biggest competitor, the developers of Ayala Malls surely know how to incorporate the surrounding landscape and Mother Nature in their designs.

Since I opt to not travel far for now, I am truly glad that I am able to visit a place such as this. I can choose to dine-in al fresco or spend it indoors when it rains. Most of your needs can also be found in its stores since there is Landmark Supermarket and Robinsons Supermarket as well. The prices, though, are a bit more expensive than in other grocery stores but the upside I find shopping here is that there are lesser crowds even on busy weekends.

Even before the pandemic started, I prefer spending downtime here with a friend. There were bazaars on weekends and holidays. The wide open space in the middle also serves as an events venue wherein a number of artists have already performed. Oh how I miss those times.

The Ayala Malls cater more to those who do not scrimp. But even if you do not have that many funds in your wallet, you can still enjoy a good afternoon here. They have ample outdoor table settings which are often dressed to the occasion. You can sit here to rest after window shopping or eat your take-out or homecooked meals. There also more affordable restaurants in their al fresco food court.

My favorite restaurants include Nono’s and Mestiza. Mary Grace’s recently opened but I think the food is a little bit overpriced. The only downside is that when it rains the grounds are wet and unwalkable! But there are covered foot path that can still help you go from one side to another.

I am also very grateful to the management since they have adopted stray/feral cats and let them make the mall their home. I often see them lounging beneath the bushes or eating their hearts out in the food bowls provided for them. Most of them are actually friendly. 🙂 #meow. Some cats appear to window shop and does not mind the chatter surrounding them. 😀 Others prefer going ‘solo’ and would hiss if you insist on touching them. I think all of them are spayed/neutered which greatly helps in their population control.

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