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B, I Love You

B, I Love You

I am sure my co-travelers would ask why of all places here in the Visayas I have chosen the now-famous Boracay Island. Since I started travelling, I have been able to conquer quite a number of provinces in this beautiful region.  Many has sucessfully bestowed their charm upon me just like the provinces of Biliran and Bohol. However, yearly, this majestic get-away never fails to summon me back to her very core.

photo source:   http://boracayitalianresort.com

I always yearn for her cool shoreline, her misty winds, her calm waters and that fairy-tale feel I indulge in at dusk. When the sun sets just beyond the horizon, slowly dipping into the waters below, my senses are hypnotized, making me stand still for a moment or so. I am magnanimously enthralled at how Mother Nature capitulates every thing I am. Sweet, romantic, passionate and always in-love. 

photo source:  http://agiledeals.com

Looking at her photos from 20 or so years ago, Boracay was just a sleepy little town. Picture-perfect I am sure the locals truly miss. How I wish I was old enough then to have traveled to this island-paradise. Ready to take in her never-fading maiden beauty.   

photo source:    http://carlareadstheworld.blogspot.com 

Though the white sand beach shoreline is now fronted by modern structures and is constantly treaded on by wandering local and foreign tourists annually, I still find the simple and quiet Boracay of the past by just looking out into the sea.

photo source:   http://taszel14.blogspot.com


The sea never ceases to amaze me. Never ceases to bring out the poet in me. She never fails to tug at the deepest part of my heart. Encouraging me to open up and never be afraid again of falling in love. Sappy I may sound yes. But that is what Boracay is for me.

Boracay is where I found Love anew. Her shores are the silent witnesses to what have transpired in that one day of the future. Again and again I will never get tired of telling You this.

Boracay…B, I Love You. Only You.

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