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Back in Baguio City

Back in Baguio City
Sumptuous meals we feasted on while exploring Baguio City

I vividly remember my first trip in Baguio City. It was around seven years ago. A younger me have not yet discovered the wonderful world of traveling. I found the 6-hour bus ride arduous and butt-numbing. That 48-hour visit together with my family, was out of the blue. We did not see much of the famous sites since my dad easily gets tired and is no longer used to long walks. I guess the purpose of that visit was just to bond and relax for even for just a couple of days.

Me at Baguio Cathedral
We gave the all-time favorite, Mines View Park, a deserving visit too
Bell ampitheater inside Camp John Hay
I liked this tree. I find it sexy

Several years later, I am now constantly joined in my travels with fun-loving friends. Me, Jherson and Claire met in the evening of a chilly December weekend. Claire’s sweetheart, Rem, was already in Baguio for more than two weeks since he was participating in a work shop. He asked us a few weeks before his departure if we were interested to witness a very new and different approach to communing with the Divine. I know, I know. You might be curious by what that phrase meant but that is worth discussing in another blog entry.

At Igorot Stairs
While waiting for our meals in Cafe by the Ruins

Paying 450 pesos for a one-way ticket to Baguio, we arrived at exactly four in the morning with no place yet to stay in. Jherson had his GPS turned on. We walked our way to the first hotel of our choice while gobbling down our taho. They bought Strawberry-flavored while i stuck with the usual. I am not much of a Strawberry fan but I did love its sweet sour taste when I first sank my teeth in this bloody red fruit when I was younger.

Walang magawa
Am I right? 250 km from point 0?
Casa Vallejo
Next time I will stay here. An old historic structure not far from where we stayed
Weee! Tale as old as time, 1909!

We visited another hotel down the road but it was way beyond our budget. We went back to Upstairs Bed & Bath which was located at the popular Igorot Stairs. Luckily, a dormitory good for four was vacant. We had all the room to ourselves since the other bed was unoccupied until we left. 

Baguio City Hall

After settling in, we slept for a few hours. Dear friend JerJer woke us up at around nine in the morning. The performance we were supposed to watch will not start until four that afternoon so we spent the whole morning exploring the city. I told my friends that even though it was my second time here, it was actually my first time to visit the famous sites. I took the liberty of taking nice shots of our surroundings. The cool wind served as my shield from the sun’s harmful rays.

Casa Vallejo Grand Staircase
Red all over! 
Strawberries sold at Strawberry farm in La Trinidad, Benguet
L-R: With new friends (and lovebirds yeehee) Eunice, Emerson, Jherson,
Claire, me and Rem

It was a fun day of exploring and taking in all the experiences. My two chatterbox buddies were enough of an entertainment for me since I had been quiet most of the time. Perhaps I was just savoring the moment since I came from a work-week. Baguio’s cold temperature helped me cleared my mind and zero in on the worry-worthy things.

Happy New Year! 
Lighted home inside Camp John Hay

8 thoughts on “Back in Baguio City”

  • Baguio, may it be crowded of becoming a mega metropolis will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe because i love cold weather – still the uphills and downhills with its good food in every corner will make me come back no matter what.

    PS parang ayoko yung pic ko dun sa selfie pic natin with eunice, para kong faggot na parrot. haha… Mwuah

  • Awwww.. this was a lovely trip! I'm sure there will be more Baguio escapades to come. Hope naEnjoy niyo rin yung stay sa Upstairs. When we stayed there, sobrang ingay at ang hina ng tubig. 🙁 But overall, it was an exciting weekend. 🙂

    • oo nga Mai sana andito ka with us! :-). Pansin ko nga rin un mahina yung pressure ng shower kaya patience is a must! hehehe! It was a nice weekend!

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