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Beach. Bum. Bolinao

Beach. Bum. Bolinao
It could have been days, months or even years that I have been longing to actually see one. I am only able to visualize a towering, blinking one when I get to see movies set in the sea. But then when we were actually brought there by Kuya Rowell, our trike tour guide, lo and behold, I was instantly smitten!

Alighting from our vehicle, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse stood towering from afar, partially covered by the surrounding canopies and occasionally dotted by broken sun rays. Seeing her for the first time like that gave me a magnificent feeling, one that could leave you speechless for several minutes.  With the sea breeze coming from the east, I took a deep breathe and began my walk around her girth, mesmerized and still unwillingly, blinking my eyes, not wanting her sight to disappear in front of me. I have to do it so as to realize that she was real and not just a dream.
Cape Bolinao Lighthouse – built in 1903, this towering structure is still in use as of today

I know I sound sappy, but then what emotion could you not help but associate when you are at the sea. After our quick tour around the lighthouse, my friend Chie and I were finally at Abrac Beach in Brgy. Patar. I have read several travel bloggers write about this secret beach here in Bolinao.  Kinda curious what is it with this beach, I searched over the net and got attracted to its almost powdery-white sand and alluring waves. Kissing the shoreline, inviting you to take a dip just for a while.

Fresh from a swim!

Chie and I enjoyed the late afternoon walking along its sandy shore and taking occasional photographs of the sunset, of the sea, and of course, ourselves. This beach is now my second favorite after Boracay (
you are still the best!)

After the long night trip we took (travel to Bolinao takes about 5 hours from Victory Liner Cubao bus station at P 432 per person), we were longing to rest our tired backs in the little nipa hut we rented for the night. At P 800, this can get cheaper if there are more of you staying, dividing the fee among yourselves. For interested vacationers, you may contact Kuya Benjie Sarte at +639108366257. Hut rates start at P 800 per night during off-peak season and could go to as much at P 3000 during peak season. There is no limit to the number of persons staying. Basic beddings were provided for us: two pillows and two blankets. Fans are no longer needed since you will be lulled to sleep by the fresh air coming from the sea, though an electric fan is found at the terrace. Bathrooms are located at the far side of the area. It says P10 for a shower but no one was really asking for our payment after taking several baths during our stay.  Upon arrival in Bolinao, we had our early morning snack at Adorra’s restaurant located not far from St. James the Great Parish church, then we had our brunch at La Parola Restaurant right in Brgy. Patar. La Parola is just about a 3-minute walk from Abrac Beach.

Adorra’s restaurant is open 24 hours
Kuya Ronnie, owner of La Parola Restaurant
Open from 7 AM to 8 PM
St. James the Great Parish Church


Kuya Rowell, our trike tour guide. If you are coming to Bolinao, rates starts at P800.00. You may also check out Josiah Sicad’s website for a much more detailed Bolinao itinerary. You can also contact other drivers he was able to encounter during his trip.
Balingasay River

Before proceeding to the lighthouse and Abrac Beach, we had a side tour to one of the three caves in Bolinao. We visited Enchanted Cave. At P50 per head, you can enter the cave and take some photos.  For those who would like to swim, entrance fee is at P 70 per head. The other two caves we did not get to visit are Wonderful Cave and Cindy’s Cave.

By mid-morning, my eyes were already drooping because of lack of sleep the other night. I hesitantly told Chie I need to catch some Zzzzss so I can wake up later that afternoon to take a swim. It was kind of hot during noon-time and nearby guests decided to do their own version of a Valentine’s day concert. Hearing the crashing of the waves, I could no longer resist her invite so after a few yawns and warm-ups, I donned on my two-piece swimwear and headed on for a walk.
We met Dada Macusi, a mountaineer associated with Calatagan Art Gallery. Sensing we share the same passion, he quickly spilled he loves all about the outdoors. I am seeing a trip with this cool guy in the future. Dada was the one who introduced us the to the beautiful ladies we saw not far from our hut. Spell gorgeous if you may, their skin the color of caramel, we could see them lying on the beach. Both are beautiful and oozing with sex appeal, but the other one strongly reminds me of Beyonce with her curly locks, round brown eyes and vava-voom body!  (Yes, I am in love with her, I mean with the beach) 😀

L-R: Me, Charisse, Natasha and Chie

Upon talking to them, our dream of sleeping that night in our warm bed instantly vanished (bye-bye bed). The girls are from the ******* **** and they are longing for a comfortable sleep just for that night. They won the **** and this was their *****.  :-D. I know, I know, but you will know when it’s time to know. 

They stayed with us for the night. The hospitable Filipinos became evident in Chie and me. We offered our room, served them free dinner, chatted with them, attended to their little needs. We were glad we had them as company. They talked about their present experience, the difference between our countries and their lives back home. Their English was really good (they are from the Netherlands) so chatting with them was easy as A-B-C.  However, sensing that they were pretty beat, we told them they could already turn in since they will have a long day ahead. 
Chie and I slept in my tent which we set up right beside their room.  We did not expect this so we did not have thick blankets to protect us from the cold but still we managed to steal a few hours sleep. We need to wake the girls up at 5:30 in the morning. Before parting with them, we had a short breakfast and took one last shot together.

With Dada Macusi of Calatagan Art Gallery

That night Chie and I laid down on our mat by the shore and did star gazing for the first time again in years. The last one we did was when we were at Superferry 19 back in 2007 on our way to Manila from Bacolod City. The heavens were simply mesmerizing. I was wondering how old the starlight I were actually seeing. I know from some reading that the lights coming from the stars we see could be millions of light years old. Yes, they are that old because of the distance they travel. So we were actually seeing a part of the past in the present! Ain’t that the coolest thought? 

Bolinao’s laid-back vibe got into my heart and soul. Even though we have not stayed for more than two days, I knew at the back of my mind that I will definitely come back here in the not so far future. Doing nothing. Beach. Bum. Bolinao.

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    • 🙂 Thanks Josh wow super goosebumps ako may sikat na nag-comment waaah! hehehe! May secret ako about those two gorgeous women we met! When the right time comes I will do a separate blog and talk about it. Thanks again! 🙂

      You are right, we also wanna go back there again.

    • I got a copy of the movie at home. Reminds me of those noble teachers back in our school days! Mahirap maging teacher these days…

  • Hindi na ako magstay sa benjies cottages na yan nitong weekend dyan kami nagstay ng family ko may kasama kaming mga bata at disable na tito ko from bulacan pa kami kaya malaki ang rent sa jeep kaya nagdala kami ng tent at nagrent nalang ng isang cottage pero umulan nung madaling araw kaya lumipat kami sa bakanteng kubo the next day sinisingil kami ng rent sa kubo sabi namin babalik kami sa cottage umulan lang kasi sabi ni benjie kahit daw bumalik kami babayaran pa din namin yung cottage kaya pumayag nalang kami ma bayaran nung gabi gumawa kami n bonfire lumapit sya samin sinabing bawal magbonfire pero kagabi may nagbobonfire hindi naman nya binawal WTF?! Kung ako sa inyo sa iba nalang kayo magstay marami pang cottages na mas maganda wag na kayo sa mukhang pera na si benjie

    • Bawal talaga mag bonfire dun just so you know… maganda yung beach. Papapangitin mo pa. Porket nakakita ka ng may nag bonfire, gagayahin mo rin? Di tama yun.

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