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Blue Dawn Boracay

Blue Dawn Boracay

While I relished the quiet and solitude of staying in Boracay Station 1, I have never bothered staying at the other end of White Beach until our latest visit. Our last two nights in the island was spent in the more crowded Station 3.I wanted to be where the crowd was but I still greatly considered our comfort and privacy in our choice of accommodation. Blue Dawn Boracay was a nice discovery of mine as the price is not just budget-friendly, their rooms are equipped with the necessary comforts of modern living and just a stone’s throw away from shops, restaurants and the famous White Beach.

Blue Dawn Boracay looks like a big white ship

Our trike driver whisked us straight to the hotel. At first he was not so familiar with its location but after showing the map, the driver needed no further instructions. Blue Dawn Boracay may be situated in the inner part of Station 3 but it is just a few steps away from White Beach – it is almost a beach front hotel!

One thing I noticed was that the hotel was designed to look like a ship. My imagination went on rolling as I thought it came from the high seas and its captain decided to dock permanently where it is now. It has side railings and a deck (which serves as the hotel restaurant and bar) like that of a huge marine vessel. And being blue and white as its main colors even spiced this thought up. I think I became a member of the navy!

The hotel requires a thousand peso security deposit upon check-in. You will get this in full upon departure as long as you won’t damage or lose any hotel property. An ID needs to be also presented upon arrival.

We stayed in a twin room with en suite bathroom. The rooms are secured by a magnetic key card. The bathroom is lovely with a generous supply of shower gel and shampoo. Being an earth-friendly hotel, its water heater is activated by solar power while their drinking water utilizes the E-spring technology.

The beds have reading lights on both ends


Our rooms came with complimentary morning meal which are both sumptuous and aplenty. A platter of fresh fruits always comes with your selected plated breakfast. We commend the kitchen staff as our food was delicious and always served freshly cooked.

So far, The Deck offers this colorful view
The hotel’s complimentary breakfast is hearty! 
Great for the big eaters

We were able to meet the hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Romeo Roderos (too bad I was unable to get a nice photo with him) who was very attentive and talkative and bonded with us hotel guests in the few times we met. We were even given welcome drinks and waterproof pouches upon our initial meeting.

With the always smiling kitchen staff.  They always punctually prepared our stomach-filling breakfasts

This hotel also offers rooms designed for bigger groups and families. They have rooms which can accommodate up to six adults. I think this offer is really nice as it would help create better bonding opportunities for vacationing guests. Some mid-range hotels would only allow up to two or three persons in a room.

Perhaps the hotel will be noisy and crowded during peak season but I was pleased when we stayed as the hotel felt homey. I guess it was seeing many coconut trees through the balcony which constantly reminded us that we were in a gorgeous tropical island with the sea just steps away.

Blue Dawn Boracay

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Station 3, White Beach Path, 
Ambulong Manoc Manoc 5608 
Caticlan, Aklan, Philippines

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