Move Forward and Never Be Still

Boracay Island Once More

It has been more than two years since my last foray into the famous Boracay Island. So much has changed since my last visit. I got a bit sad upon seeing its once all-green landscape from above. Just right before my plane landed in Caticlan airport. Over-development and incorrect planning were two words which jumped around inside my head. But then, I was there to unwind with my friend after a three full months of no travel.

Boracay’s soft golden sunset

Boracay has changed so much.  From the type of visitors touring around, to the traffic jam that developed with the onslaught of tourism, I can’t help but wistfully wish that Boracay be salvaged from total destruction and just go back to how it is twenty years ago.  

Boracay is postcard-perfect

Sure, posh resorts have sprouted like mushrooms and class A restaurants can accommodate the taste of leisure travelers. But upon seeing the crowd and heard the summer noise, I knew I still wanted to go back to Boracay, to see its quieter and slower side. And I am planning of biking around Boracay too.

Boracay Island has a special place in my heart. It was where I learned to love anew. And even though I am single right now, I knew that the love that I am giving will be returned by the right man for me. I am very excited to meet him. Perhaps, in
Boracay too? Or maybe in Baler? Or in my Kingdom, Batanes! Who knows right.  : ))

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