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Breathless in Biliran

Breathless in Biliran

The moment I alighted from our vehicle, I knew that I would be experiencing that very rare small-town feel in this far-away land. True enough, Biliran took my breathe away. Even in the provincial capitol, Naval, the town seemed sleepy in a positive way, even during the middle of the day. I absolutely loved the homey vibe.

A hazy morning at Naval, Biliran’s capital 

Not wasting the afternoon, we visited Agta Beach in Almeria and spent some time frolicking in the waters. It was low-tide and the skies cleared for us to have a glimpse of the not-so far islands ashore. A dog even striked a pose with me. She came out of nowhere and just joined me on stage. She had wanted to be Ephraim’s model for a while and steal the limelight!  However, the photographer decided he was better off with a human model.

Agta Beach, Almeria, Biliran
Me and this amiable dog
What a tranquil sight

If only I knew how to ride a bicycle (yes, pity me I do not know how!) I would love to pedal down its long winding countryside and to just feel the fresh air coming from the seas and mountains brushing past my face. I would pedal until my legs hurt. I could almost picture myself stopping at one side and just breathing in the clean air with my eyes closed.

Mount Sayao

I wanted to dance in the middle of the road upon seeing this lone mountain. Her aura was so peaceful in the very first hours of that beautiful morning. Picturesque farm lands are present everywhere. Farm animals were either dozing off, grazing the wild grass or just taking an early morning stroll. Life was peaceful. Life was slow.

Nothing but the earth and skies
From Tacloban City town proper, you can a trike and request to be taken to Van-Van terminal.
an fare is at Php 140 per person. Travel time at approximately 2-3 hours.
How I long to grow old in these kind of surroundings!

This breath-taking, tiny province has a balloon of wonders to offer. Still waiting to be discovered.

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