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The Calmness Of Firefly Watching

The Calmness Of Firefly Watching

A boat ride in the early evening after a long, humid day is a cool way to start the night. This is the first time I have heard of Firefly-watching and I got really excited once we have embarked from the shore.

The clouds were thinking twice of spilling her tears that night. But then I gave a thankful breathe when they decided to hold off their crying sessions and slowly let the distant, twinkling stars appear in the midnight blue sky.

Around 30 minutes of smooth sailing near the shores of Donsol, Sorsogon, we reached the mangrove area in total darkness. I was able to point out lush vegetation even though we can almost hardly see a thing.  he shapes of the embracing trees were illuminated by the soft glow of the night. Quietly, we approached one cluster and were awed by the gentle, blinking lights.  The fireflies were congregating at the top of one tree, whisking up here and there.  Their graceful moves were hypnotizing. You could gaze at them for several minutes, leaving you breathless.

They danced and danced, their soft glows giving off a warm reflection. Their performance reminded me of minute, flying ballerinas and also of Thumbelina.  We observed three areas where the happy fireflies were gathering. Their energies were endless as they hopped from one branch to another, kissed one leaf from another and whispered to the wind every now and then.

As our trip commenced, I looked up at the now clearer night sky. The cosmos was aglow by the lights of the distant past. Looking up at the eyes of the angels reminded me of that scene where Rose was in deep thought of a lifetime with Jack.  The fireflies were still abuzz but the heavenly bodies up there were quiet, still on their places, bedazzling specifically me. I was in silence. Wowed at the idea that I was staring into the past right there in the present.

Firefly watching rates start at P 1500, 5 persons maximum per boat 

We were all unable to capture this moment. However, the surprising calmness I have felt has silenced my heart and mind. Looking at them was like watching a young mom lull her newborn infant to sleep, a promise that there are still places in our planet where moments are simple, are stopped by time and are molded by wonderful experiences.

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