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Cebu: Canyoneering in Badian

Cebu: Canyoneering in Badian

My first love affair with Cebu was back in 2014 when I backpacked in Boljoon and Moalboal. Back then, I knew that I had to go back as I haven’t fully explored this gifted island yet. For years, my friends have been raving how magnificent the island’s offerings were. So when my traveler friends invited me to come with them one weekend, I grabbed the opportunity even though I only flew in for two days. My friends visited Bantayan Island in the north while I joined them in the south where we river cruised in the quiet town of Aloguinsan and braved the canyons in Badian where I finally saw the famed Kawasan Falls.

I am quite fond of extreme adventures so when my friend Jherson said we will doing canyoneering in Badian, I thought I couldn’t miss that. Though it was unplanned, it was more than enough time for me to fall in love with Cebu again. But the thought of backpacking made me hesitate at first but it was a good thing that we explored the island hassle-free courtesy of CYBU Tours & Rentals. Our trip was more comfortable and relaxed when we had our tour with them.

Canyoning in Badian, Cebu
I have always been curious as to how it would feel to jump of a cliff. So when I visited Siquijor last year, I conquered my fears when I jumped off the 35 foot cliff in Salagdoong Resort without any life vests or life guards on duty. It was an exhilirating experience to commune with the open sea. So when I participated in this canyoneering adventure, it already felt familiar but it definitely was a more thrilling ride.

Photo taken using my Supremo 4K
At one of the waterfalls  * Photo taken using my Supremo 4K

Tour groups strictly enforce safe canyoneering by way of waiver and donning on safety gears i.e. helmet and lifevests. Wearing of rubber soled footwear or trekking shoes is a must since you will practically be playing in the forest. Pathways are slippery most of the time so footwear with a nice grip is a good investment.

There were a total of seven falls but I only jumped in four of them. I could’ve jumped in the last waterfall but I was already tired and felt totally out of shape. Nevertheless, the daredevil in me was awakened once again as we jumped from one waterfall to the next.

Kawasan Falls and its Surrounding Areas
Though Kawasan Falls was a beauty, I felt a little disappointed upon seeing its surroundings. Man made structures are found and garbage left by unconcerned individuals were everywhere. It’s totally sad to see nature destroyed this way. I hope the LGU will strictly monitor and regulate these activities and let the mountains recuperate naturally.

Cebu’s Famous Lechon
But of course, visiting Cebu will not be complete without eating the famous Cebu Lechon. Before heading back to the big city, CYBU Tours & Rentals brought us to a Pasalubong Center where my friends bought kilos of lechon as pasalubong. I was not too fond of eating pork but I still digged in a bit to have a taste of this famous dish. True enough, Cebu’s lechon was one of the finest in the country. However, I had to beg off after a few bites that night. 

My second Cebu escapade was much more intimate than my first time. It was also made more fun when I traveled with the nicest friends I have. Though I have to go back to finally accomplish the Cebu City tour and explore more of its outlying islands. 🙂

We would like to thank CYBU Tours & Rentals for tirelessly touring us around the island.
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Price: Php 650 per head/minimum 5 persons
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Inclusion: River cruise, Swimming

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