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Chillin’ with the Armed Forces of the Philippines

Chillin’ with the Armed Forces of the Philippines

In my unexpected Spratly Island sojourn a few weeks back, I flew in the island with the coolest men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Lt. Michael taking a selfie with the mermaid who got lost in the isla! lol.

We found time to bond in such a short span of time in Pag-Asa Island. Me and my friend Heiz swam for twenty minutes while they watched over us.  

When the forces watch TV with the sirena! 😀

Our ‘official photographers’ were the pretty-faced Captain Cherryl and Sgt. Noel. They actually have very good eyes! Thanks Captain and Sarge! 

Heiz and me with Sgt.Noel : ))

Capt. Clarie, Capt. Kris and Lt. Michael and the other gentleman (I forgot to ask the name) joined us in our hilarious pictorials by the sea shore.

Our meeting was just a few hours long, but I felt like I have known them a long time already. 
From the bottom of my heart, dearest men and women in uniform, I salute you.

With our pilots, Capt. Kalay, Lt. Michael and Capt. Kris  <3

Your dedication and service to the country is unwavering. A spot-on proclamation of your undying love for our dearest Philippines.

Capt Cherryl looks like Gerphil. 

May the force and the eyes of the Most High be always with you. 
Looking forward to flying with you guys again soon. Again, thank you.

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