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Culinary Schools: Your Go To Video Games (Plus More)

Culinary Schools: Your Go To Video Games (Plus More)

While the pandemic is still in full swing, it is good to see that many industries have began bouncing back from the dreaded effects this event has brought us. As a corporate hotelier, I was one of the lucky ones who was able to hold on to my day job. There were definitely a number of scares that I might lose my job too. In between securing my work anxieties and health, I was able to entertain myself by doing the things that I find interesting in the safety of my home.

During pre-covid days, traveling was my number one hobby. But of course, that stopped and I found myself stuck at home for almost two years. I have become more aware of my surroundings. I realized the importance of having an emergency fund. And most importantly, I have focused more on improving my overall health.

Since my gadgets have become my go-to companion due to lack of in person interaction, I have discovered my interest in video games again. I used to play Mario and Pacman as a child. But of course, that interest varied now as I became an adult. Hahaha. But due to the pandemic, my interest for eating the right food heightened as this is crucial to maintaining a healthy body.

Recently, I discovered about the Culinary Schools site. This site consists of many games ranging from foodie games, to kiddie games and more! The games are more attuned for children but I find them very fun to play too! The games actually are easy to play and have detailed instructions which are very easy to understand!

It also recommended for health-conscious people like me as it features weight loss monitoring, calorie counter and body fat calculator. I guess by virtually eating all those food in their video games, you can track if you’re still in the pink of health. Kidding aside, this site comes in handy and timely amidst the pandemic. Not only it will keep you entertained, it also has the proper tools to help you monitor your health.

There are so many games to choose from but some of the games I liked are Open Restaurant, Bake a Cake and Coffee Shop. I’ve always looked forward to opening my own food business so playing these games was like a practice for me.

The game Airport Rush made me feel nostalgic as I miss going to the airport. While the game Milk for Cat amused me since I am a cat lover. Plumber Soda reminded me though that we should resort to healthier drinks.

It is nice to know that despite everything awful that has happened, we still have a lot to look forward to. Being stuck in quarantine seems sad at first but if it is for everyone’s safety, staying at home and playing online games, like those here in Culinary Schools, isn’t so bad after all. And the best of all is it is free! 🙂

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