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Dear Blog, How Are You?

Dear Blog, How Are You?

Dear Blog,

How are you? How have you been? We spent the last two days browsing over past travel photos and it got me thinking of starting to regularly write again. I don’t care if it is just short write-up or almost novel like. I don’t mind if my blog would have lots of grammar lapses. Or the photos are no longer watermarked. After what we have been through last year, these worries are just all petty non-sense for me.

I am glad to be back on track and back to my second love which is writing. Reading is my first. If it weren’t for it, my writing skills wouldn’t have improved. Don’t you think?

Like many of us, there were several times that I thought I would lose my job. Our company had done so many streamlining since the pandemic began. It got me so worried. But it also prompted me to change my lifestyle and focus what I really need to apply in my life. My job is not a high paying job. Nor my income is too low. But if I had a family, we would not survive comfortably. So now, my focus is to live more simply. No more impulse shopping. No more unnecessary travels. I only buy now what is needed. I am back to zero after paying all my credit card debts. I need a house of my own and that’s what I am saving up for.

One great thing that happened for my family is that we got closer. My brother and his family, my parents and me. They are all well and healthy. Thank God. As for me, I am constantly reminded to get married and have kids. But the reminders are done in a not condescending way. You know, just a comment in passing or a part of a casual conversation about raising a family. I do not really mind actually. But I also do not know what to react to these. I just shrug it off most of the times. But sometimes I stare at my parents and think of my other married friends (or those in long term relationships) and wonder if ever I will be in that position soon. In my heart I would love that for myself. But only time and God can tell.

Mongolia I miss you!

Right now, focus is on myself. Live healthier. Always be grateful. Never forget to pray to our Lord. To love my cats and kiss them all the time. Wahaha. I miss traveling with my friends. A partner who is in Christ would be heaven too. 😀

I won’t promise anything grand. Just that I will always be the funny and sweet and kind Paula everyone else knows. Those who don’t know me well enough judge me too easily. I pray that it will stop that too. hahaha. I love well and deep you know! 😀

Well this is getting long. Till my next letter.



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