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Dear Future Partner

It is the month of hearts once again. And this is the very first that I am not officially with someone. Though my last had not ended the way I had hoped it would be. Whenever I think about that, somehow there is a feeling of regret (just a tiny itsy bitsy feeling) of not ending it up earlier than I should have been.

Years passed and I somehow still feel empty. I am looking forward to being young and in love once again. Yes, love can do that to you. Being young at heart. I yearn to feel that magical feeling of falling in love with you once more.

I grew up watching fairy tales and Disney movies. I loved reading princess stories and about prince charming. Of course, in my later years I would come to know that the ideal prince charming is rare to come by. Well, except Prince William who is my ultimate crush since time immemorial. 🙂

I know the reality of life will not always give you what you are looking for. Oftentimes, it gives you someone whom you least expect. Sometimes that person is the total opposite of your idea of the ideal man. I even find myself laughing at times at these thoughts.

You know my future partner? I have been waiting for you all my life.  No one knows, not even the great One above, if I will still meet you. Or if I have already met you. Only time can tell. But as early as now, I would like you to know that I am so much looking forward to that day.  When I feel once more that bolt of lightning. Of sharing that one touch with you, and then knowing later on how it feels so perfect, so right. Of just being with you.  Of feeling the whirlwind of emotions. Of feeling the first blush of falling in love. And of course, of finally sharing our first sweet kiss, under the moonlight, at the beach, at night.

I am just here to care for you. I know that I am a great girl and that it is not hard for someone to love me and fall in love with me. It’s just that I have so much love to give now. Shall I wait? Of course I will.  I have always waited. What’s another lifetime of waiting?

I Love You!

Pondering Paodaolei

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