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El Nido Island Hopping Tour Rates

Late last year, the Island Hopping Tour Rates have significantly increased (around P 500). Combination tours are also no longer allowed. Sad news for those who have not yet gone to El Nido. But nonetheless, the price will still be worth it. I did combination Tour A & C during my visit to El Nido last year. I would say if I had more time and budget, I will take all the tours to fully explore the beauty of El Nido.  

Updated Standard Rates: El Nido Island Hopping Tours*
Tour A – 1,200 Pesos/person
Tour B – 1,300 Pesos/person
Tour C – 1,400 Pesos/person
Tour D – 1,200 Pesos/person

Group/Sharing Tour basis.

* Inclusive of free lunch, snorkeling gear, life vest and guides (Northern Hope Inn)
* Quotation does not include 200 Pesos/person Eco-Tourism Development Fee (ETDF) which is good for up to 10 days in El Nido.
* No more combination tours

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