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Endless Lazing at Isla de Boracay

Endless Lazing at Isla de Boracay

I think I haven’t missed visiting Boracay, sans one year, since 2008. I don’t know why I keep on going back. I know there are better beaches hidden all over the Philippines but I guess White Beach’s allure is the answer or some Boracay mystery I haven’t discovered yet.

I became a pink mermaid this time! 🙂

My friend Chie and I spent three nights in this paradise. Aside from transforming into a mermaid and after my solo, three-day visit to Roxas City and the town of Kalibo, I haven’t done much.

I wanted to jump again at the cliff in Crystal Cove or try the one in Ariel’s Point but my buddy wasn’t too keen in these kind of activities. Looking back, I suddenly missed my other adventure junkie friends. But being with her was a different type of travel which I appreciate best when all I wanted to do was just to lay down on the shore or imprison ourselves in our hotel room. It was the week before our birthday month and we treated this vacation as some sort of advance celebration.

Chilling by the sea while sipping on a coconut! Ah. Life. 

Typhoon Helen decided to grace our party for a couple of days so we were unable to enjoy Boracay”s eye-popping sunrises and sunsets. However, she finally went away in the last two of our vacation. That was the only time we were able to spend the whole day outside.
The sun was still hiding most of the time but the weather was still good enough for a swim. We noticed that the beach front establishments already began arranging tables and chairs right on the beach, signaling that an evening outdoor dinner was possible for potential customers.
‘The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.’
Cornelia Furke, Inkheart 

In our case, we took our time taking photographs of ourselves. Me in my mermaid tail and she in her best wardrobe. The skies were unpredictable so we decided that to dedicate photo-taking in the mornings and swimming in the afternoons. 

Though Boracay has greatly changed since my first visit, its beauty remains unparalleled. Oftentimes I found myself just staring at the blue seas or taking in the soft light of a slowly fading sunset. 

I L<3VE Boracay!

I also find walking along the shore at night very romantic. I often pretend to see a big cruise ship from afar. Complete with its blinking yellow lights. Blinding me for a moment. 
A visit here has successfully rejuvenated me. I did not know why I held off another Boracay visit for so long. Next time I pray that the sun will be always up. And I hope to visit it with Marx again next time. 

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