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Exploring Capiz the Second Time Around

Exploring Capiz the Second Time Around

My first visit to the province of Capiz was last 2016 when I focused on exploring its capital, Roxas City. There I got to eat lots of delectable seafood and also went back in time when I toured the historical downtown and visited Asia’s largest church bell in the nearby Panay town. Earlier, we were told we will be going back to explore Capiz so I immediately thought that I will be reacquainted with Roxas City again. We did drop by Roxas City and Panay town but our second day in the island of Panay was mostly spent in the seafood haven town of Ivisan. I did not know such town existed but after our visit I was glad I stepped foot in it.

Ivisan, Capiz
From Tibiao, Antique, Ivisan town was about a four hour drive. We arrived just before noon at the town hall and there we met with Mr. Rophine Visorio of DOT Region 6 office and the personnel of the local tourism office. We were ushered in the town hall to meet the town Mayor Felipe Neri Yap. Our meeting was brief but our conversations were full of tourism projects and how staying in Ivisan can completely turn our dress size two sizes larger. 😉

Bloggers in action | Patio Beach, Ivisan, Capiz

For lunch, our group went to Patio Beach. To our delight, a boodle fight lunch was served underneath the swaying trees just beside the beach! Two long tables were prepared for us and it was laden with overflowing rice and different kinds of mouth-watering seafood. All thoughts of dieting that day were quickly thrown out the window. While we were eating, we were told that we will be visiting an island off the coast. We were not dressed for an island hopping activity but we still got to enjoy the trip as we were given ample time to get off the boat for our photo ops and to at least wade in the waters and walk on the sandbar in the middle of crashing waves. I think my friend Beng was able to briefly swim. I wanted to but I was just too lazy then to change in my swimwear anyway.

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Before leaving town, we dropped by the pasalubong center and grabbed a few items we can take home. I bought a ref magnet while my friends, as usual, bought stuff they can put in their mouths. Didn’t we just had a grand lunch guys? 😀

Cabugao Verdant Farm
The weather that afternoon was so hot that I wasn’t keen in exploring out in the open. It was a good thing that the next place we visited was a farm. And a unique one at that. Cabugao Verdant Farm is located in the mountainous side of Roxas City and is owned by partners who gave up the city life to go back to their roots. The place where the farm is now was destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda before. The farm offers organic food and a relaxing place to stay! You can fish, chase after ducks or pick produce you can buy afterwards. The farm is also underway of building more overnight lodges where guests can stay.

Roxas City, Capiz
I actually thought that
we were no longer passing by Roxas City since we already lacked time and we changed our itinerary earlier. Still, it was kind of nostalgic when our group did a quick historical tour down town. We dropped by the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral, the city’s old water tank turned Panublion Museum. We also passed by the other historical landmarks like the Manuel Roxas Monument, Provincial Capitol & Jose Rizal Monument, the Bandstand and fountain.

We also paid a quick visit to Santa Monica Church in nearby Panay town and admired the Asia’s Biggest Church Big Bell. It was almost closing time when we arrived but it was a good thing my friends and I were still able to climb up.

Palina Greenbelt Ecopark
We were supposed to witness Capiz’s majestic sunset since we were late and were unable to witness it in full. Nevertheless, we were still able to catch a glimpse of the sun slowly dipping over the horizon and the view was just awesome, hypnotic and majestic. We also had our dinner here. And guess what, it was overloading seafood once more. 🙂 The ecopark is open between 8 to 5 PM so better make sure to arrive early to fully appreciate the river’s splendor.

Palina Greenbelt Ecopark is a proud recipient of the 1st Association of Southeast Asian Nations Sustainable Tourism Award – Urban Category. It offers a scenic river tour, fishing and a different take on the word relaxation and is more appreciated because of its promotion of sustainable tourism for the benefit of the local community and the river itself.

He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man. Antoine de Saint-Exupery #Palina #CaptureCapiz #themermaidtravels #LasIslasTravelAndTours

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I would like to thank Atty. Helen Catalbas of Department of Tourism Region 6 for providing our transportation all throughout the tour as well to Las Islas Travel & Tours for making our Panay Loop Adventure possible. Air Asia Philippines, Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office. Sir Rophine Visorio and Mayor Felipe Neri Yap of Ivisan town Capiz for a warm welcome.

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