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Fall in Love. With Me.

Fall in Love. With Me.

So this post may be the most soul-baring of all my thoughts on love. You see, I finally had the courage of being more vocal on what I feel. I remember, when I like a guy, I’d find myself waiting and waiting and wishing my prince charming would just pop up somewhere and save me. But time and experience taught us that not all scenes in a love story are the will-you-marry-me-yes-i-will-be-your-wife type of scene. In between these award-winnings takes, there are film shots that may or may not add color to a lifetime of stories interwoven by the word we worship called love.


So what do I do when I am in love? Simple. I write poems. I can see the guy I like in every beautiful place I go to. I imagine the two of us eating in a turo-turo somewhere, laughing on how we pretend that we are having a hard time choosing which viand to order. I will steal some of his ulam as he occasionally checks his social media. I dream that we are going to do a day-hike, a two-hour day hike overlooking the vast plains below. Maybe, if we get a little childish, he’ll carry me on his back to the summit to test if he is really manly enough for me. Lol.

He and I will go to an island beach somewhere. I imagine he will serenade me under the brightly lit skies as I try not to imagine him going down on one knee, shoving a ring under my cute nose, asking me to marry him. No, I am not imagining it. Really.

So fall in love with me. I am the type of girl who blushes at the sight of weddings. I am the type of girl whose eyes pop ever so wide at the sight of a flower-giving man. I am the type of girl who appreciates every little effort and the type who would write a thousand poems for the man of my life.


I drool, I scream, I beg yes because I am first of all a woman. A woman with a genuine loving heart who would give you a home if you’ll give me a house (a bahay kubo in the middle of rice fields with a small library about Knights Templar will do, #demandinglang, lol). Who’d give you paradise (not the one you’re thinking, tsk tsk!) even if you just travel with her to the mall. I’d be your best friend and your friend and partner (hey, is that a song? lol). I will let you hold me as long as you like.

So fall in love with me. I will be with you in every dream that you will make and I will support you in every endeavor that you take (
I can’t believe this I’m rhyming again! lol). I am gentle as a flower, as sweet as a lullaby and so soft as your pillow at night (please, try to think purely will you, hehe).


So fall in love with me. Don’t be afraid. I know your fears. Let me kiss them away. Trust me for this love of ours comes only once in a lifetime (I don’t really know whom I am talking to, lol). You will never regret it. We will chase sunsets together all you want. 😛

So, fall in love. With me.

This post is the official sequel to My Dream Boy, He Could Be You post. Lol. Read it for there might not be a part three!

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  • Love will find its way. When it comes every heartbeat would be the sweetest melody you will ever hear. Love a man who will love you and respect you. When Love and respect are present everything goes well.

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