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Garden of the Morning Calm

Garden of the Morning Calm

My friend and I thought that we were just going to a garden full of Korean botanical finds. But we were quite surprised as the Garden of the Morning Calm was in fact the largest private garden in Korea measuring at 30,000 sq. m. As the garden has 20 uniquely themed areas, it is hard to explore without the aide of a map. Even with one, you can easily get lost as colorful flower beds, intricately manicured lawns and well maintained grass patches will greet you at every turn. Though I think it is also nice to just go where your feet will take you but don’t forget to watch the time if you have other places to go to.

To truly appreciate the garden, it is recommended to spend a couple of hours here. The place is just so breathtakingly beautiful that coming here just to take photos will be an injustice. The place is perfect for those seeking a quiet respite from the busy City. Rolling plains. Lush valleys. Robin blue skies. Flourishing canopies. Couples will definitely find this place uber romantic and could spawn literacy pieces for soulful writers.

The garden is a total eye candy. It is well-maintained and is popular even among the locals. We visited here at noon time and the weather was just right. At night, the temperature can drop to freezing temperatures in the colder months. It is also at this time when the flowers beds are lit up. My favorite spot here is right by the pond where the Prince and Hong Ra On of Love in the Moonlight sometimes meet. It looked straight out of post card. 🙂

As the garden is located at the foot of the mountains, expect to do some sort of hiking. Some areas are reachable by bridges and concrete steps. It can be taxing for those a bit out of shape so a good footwear and a bottle of water are visit must haves. There are also stores near the entrance where you can buy snacks. You can reach Garden of the Morning Calm via subway by alighting at Gapyeong Station. From there, take the tour bus (hop-on, hop off) at KRW 6000 per person. Take note of the last time of tour.

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Garden of the Morning Calm
Admission Fees
Adults: 9,000 won
Teenagers: 6,500 won
Children: 5,500 won

Adults: Weekdays 8,000 won
Teenagers: Weekdays 5,500 won
Children: Weekdays 4,500 won

Disclaimer: Information above may change from date of posting. Please research on the following before your visit. 

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