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Golden Guimaras

Golden Guimaras
We went to the nearby island of Guimaras on the second day of my Lakbay IloRas (Iloilo-Guimaras). Regine and I had quite a hectic first day. We went church-hopping in spite of the rainy weather. Motivated by the northbound movement of the typhoon, I assured her that our trip the following day will be mostly of clear skies. True enough, the sun smiled down on us and we went ahead and began our golden day, colored by the almost blinding yellow sunshine.

First on our list was Alubihod Beach in the town of Nueva Palencia. Arriving at Raymen Beach Resort, we read on the signage that entrance fee per head is at P 20 but after advising of our desire to do island hopping, the receptionist waived this fee for us and directed us to the boatman’s table located in the resort grounds. 

Paula The Explorer!

Alubihod Beach

From research, we have read that island tour can cost up to 450 pesos for about three hours. On our visit, the boatman offered the adventure for only P 400.00.  It will be a lot cheaper if you are traveling in hordes (kiddin’) I mean in a group. Turns out Dai-Dai (as Regine is fondly called back at home) has already been to this place many times, both as a tourist and a tour guide to her visiting friends.

At Ave Maria Island

We dropped by at Turtle Island and then on Ave Maria island where we found two female Koreans enjoying the privacy of the island. I was actually impressed upon seeing her powdery white sands which is just like Boracay’s! I am now confident that that world-famous white beach sand can also be found elsewhere in the Philippines.  Though I must concede Boracay’s white beach’s shoreline is really breath-taking.

In Turtle Island (entrance fee P5 per head) we met this lonesome Sea Turtle or Pawikan in Filipino which I quickly named Tata the Turtle. It was my first time to meet a Pawikan up close and playing with her for such a short while was really one of the highlights of the day.

Tata: Oh dearest sea, How I long for thee!

Upon looking at this shot it I felt a bit sad for Tata for it seemed like she was longing for the sea. How she wanted to run and swim forever in the warmth and coldness of the waters!

I think we were supposed to be going to another island but after our boat being rocked by those gigantic waves (I could still hear Regine’s shouting in my ears, lol!) we had to decided to go back ashore and go on to our next destination. We culminated our island-hopping adventure for only a little over an hour.

We then explored a place which brings us back in time, the Guisi Point Lighthouse with a side trip to that breath-taking Guisi Beach.

Guisi Point Lighthouse
Ruins around the lighthouse

 Guisi lighthouse was built in the 1890s as part of an effort of the Spanish Government in lighting the coastal lines of the country. The light house is in total ruins. However, a new lighthouse is well under way.

Stairway to the skies


The new, ultra-white lighthouse is built adjacent to the old one

A spectacular view of Guisi beach can be savored on top of the lighthouse itself.Saying adieu to this lighthouse left a hole in my heart since I love light houses. They bring a romantic feel to every shoreline they conquer.  It reminds me of long lost love or sad love stories set in the sea. Truly, these man-made creations serve as company to sea men, specially in long, dreary, lonely nights.

Guisi Beach

Rock formations can also be found on Guisi beach

Standing on top of Guisi lighthouse, one can see a beautiful view of Guisi beach and beyond

Before capping this island day-tour, we paid a visit to the serene Trappist Monastery. Just located along the road, the place is perfect for reflections and religious activities. We also took a quick shot of the Smallest Plaza, which is really small. 

The smallest plaza? 


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