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Help Save Boljoon’s Ili Rock

Help Save Boljoon’s Ili Rock

I have fallen in love with this rustic town the moment i stepped foot on its shores. Boljoon’s center has successfully preserved its old-world charm and integrity, making it a possible UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate.

It is beautiful.  Isn’t it?  Now this view is gone forever.

The church and its surrounding complex, plus the natural fortress called Ili Rock, are the town’s natural heritage sites. 
I have heard recently from the town’s budget/tourism officer Mr. Ronald Villanueva, that a road project helmed by the DPWH is currently undergoing without consulting the locals. The project has caused the destruction of the natural formation of this fortress.

Read Mr. Ronald Villanueva’s interview with Cebu Daily News here.

If you agree in preserving this natural site, sign the petition which was started by Mr. Balbino Guerrero on change.org, a resident of Cebu. 
Ili Rock Formation during my August 2014 visit.  

Ili Rock Formation as of today.

Totally unacceptable

I believe there is always a way around to help protect our heritage sites without the need of destroying it. Seeing this photo, the Ili Rock has been damaged forever and has broke my heart at the same time.

Help us save what is left of it. Spread the word. Share this post and sign the petition below.

Change.org:  Stop Defacing Boljoon’s Ili Rock

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