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Israel, Morocco and the Fort of Chittorgarh

Israel, Morocco and the Fort of Chittorgarh
Dear Chittorgargh Fort, 

I was still reeling from the feeling of falling in love with Udaipur when the need to part shortly with her came. It was quite painful since we only had a day to actually spend together. But then I had no choice but to bid adieu for a while so I could meet you in person. Or maybe to save myself from hopelessly falling in love with Udaipur that I pretended I was excited to come see you. You already burned a hole in my pocket even when I have not yet stepped at your doors.

Chittorgargh Fort
Massive doors    
Me with Zabar, our very informative tour guide

Good thing our driver cum tour guide of the day, Zabar, was very animated and kept my lids from dropping during the two-hour ride. I remember wondering what the heck, I am gonna see a fort again. What’s the difference?  And why we will be wasting such a beautiful day ogling at ruins of who knows what.

Temples left and right    

And I hereby agree

Okay, your entrance fee was really cheap compared to others. It came to my knowledge that you are actually huge and it could take several hours to fully explore you. I wondered again, what seems to be so interesting? And why do you have to be so big?

What could be more intricate?    
Monkeys everywhere!

But then I guess the winds changed and I got infatuated with you when I saw what we came for. Please forgive me for anticipating negative thoughts since it was really hot when we visited. Imagine admiring ruins at the mercy of the noontime rays!   

Towering tower: Vijay Stambha

I guess I am a secret lover of anything towering and tall. I saw this meticulously designed structure and I immediately told my friend Marx if we can climb up there. Yes! I screamed silently. The tower has an internal viewing room at the top. I wonder what can be seen from there.

Inside the viewing room
After which, we were brisked to another country, or so I thought. Why did not anyone tell me that we were supposed to go to Israel? Oh Chittorgargh you had now captured my previously doubting heart. You perfectly redeemed yourself to me. You just proved that history is not just about dusty ruins and empty spaces. You described to me the character of your place in your early days even without being there.

Bethlehem? Inside Padmini Palace

You continuously surprised me with your precious little treasures. I had Morocco in my bucket list but never had I dreamed that I could get there this early. Yes, I know I am babbling. But, hey, getting a glimpse of the real Morocco from you is not bad. Perhaps the nine realms aligned and time and space were meeting during this event? I do not know but I really had to capture you in my memories.

Enormous fort walls
This reminds me of Geometry
Sad as I was, Marx and I needed to say goodbye to you since Udaipur is still waiting for us to come back. We spent dinner with her and enjoyed the lull of the night. The moon was hanging hazily over the horizon. It was drizzling when we had to part for the Pink City that night.

Kumbhaswamin Temple

Your memories will always be alive within me, dear Chittorgarh.

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