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Karan’s Guesthouse: Your Home in Jaipur

Arriving at Jaipur Junction promptly at six am, we wasted no time and hired a tuktuk to take us to our home for the next day: Karan’s Guesthouse.

Karan’s Guesthouse

Our tuktuk driver was having a difficult time communicating with us so we read out loud the guesthouse’s address. After some time, he dropped us off on a quiet street located in Chomu House, Scheme C, Jaipur.  

Twin A/C room with private bath, veranda and free WiFi

Our host, Sir Lokendra, was an early riser and greeted us once we rang the doorbell. Homey and quiet, we were even served breakfast (thank you!) before we were sent off to our spacious room. 

We were supposed to just drop off our bags to start exploring the city. However, with our stomachs full and tired from the overnight train ride, we found ourselves napping for a few hours. I was expecting it will become noisy once the citizens of Jaipur awakens but our stay in Karan’s Guesthouse often felt like it was always six in the morning.

The location is perfect. Not so far from the city’s activities but close from all modes of transportation. Backpackers using the rail will not have a hard time finding this as it is just within two-kilometers of Jaipur Junction. Tuktuks are also abound in the adjacent main road.

Visiting the Pink City? Why not make Karan’s Guesthouse your home in Jaipur

Karan’s Guesthouse

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Address:    D-76, Shiv Heera Path, Chomu House Colony, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
E-mail:      kgh@aol.in |
Websites:  karansguesthouse.wordpress.com | www.karans.info

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