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Kolkata and Calcutta

Kolkata and Calcutta
Mother Teresa’s Tomb in Kolkata, India

Kolkatta was the last leg of our Indian odyssey. It was also one of the fastest day we had in India. It seemed that when we woke up in our last morning here, the hours were going by so quick that we did not have much time to savor the places we were supposed to visit. Either they were close or it was just bad timing.



Nevertheless, the day was not wasted for we were able to see where Mother Theresa was laid to rest. For experience, we rode in a human-drawn tuktuk for 50 INR. Once we started moving, I was quickly reminded of our local version of pedicab. However, the former was more humane as it was like riding a sidecar. The latter gave off a unique experience but I am not recommending it as a means of living.

Upon reaching Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity Motherhouse, we were greeted by praying nuns and lingering tourists. There was no fee to enter the premises but photo-taking was limited to a certain area only. 


I did not realize how significant that visit was as I was humbled by the mere presence of Mother Teresa’s spirit. We gave a few minutes of our time to admire and appreciate the opportunity given to us. It was not everyday that I was given the chance to be this close to a person, living or gone, who have influenced millions by the way they lived their lives.

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Kolkata used to be called Calcutta. The anglicized version of the city’s name is more familiar to me. Calcutta was the city’s official name until 2001 when it was changed to Kolkata to suit the Bengali pronunciation.  

Victoria Hall Facade

As the day dragged on, I was beginning to feel sad as we were leaving India that same night. I had mixed feelings about our two-week stay in this wonderful country as I never expected much. All along I have always associated India with Taj Mahal only. I was proven wrong once I set foot here. There is more than meets the eye. It is possible to fall in love with India over and over again. I am sure that once I come back here, it will still feel like my first time.

The gorgeous Kolkata Airport

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  • Pao, we'll visit Mother Theresa in the future,. by any chance do you met some volunteers there? My Biological elder sister is there right now, studying in Mother's house for 3 months. She's also a Mother superior 🙂

    • Hello Sky! We were unable to meet any volunteers during our visit. Mostly nuns were there. Mother;s House place is really a sanctuary. It was very quiet and serene. :-). Hope you'll enjoy your visit there!

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