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La Laguna Festival 2012

La Laguna Festival 2012

Last April 29, I had the privilege of dropping by on the last day of the annual La Laguna Festival, formerly called Anilag Festival, which was held in the provincial capitol grounds of Sta. Cruz, Laguna. This yearly celebration aims to unite the 26 towns and four cities of the province.

Dusk approaching on the last day of the festivities

You can find in the capitol grounds many tiangge stalls
showcasing various local products
This group of relatives kindly requested to have their photo taken from my camera.
I strongly advise visitors to have their own for there are many sights to see!

Different events are being held during the nine-day long festivities namely: Trade Fair Booth, Land Float Competition, Fluvial Parade and Street Dance Competition. Also included are the Banca Race and the traditional Ginoo at Binibining Laguna coronation night. A Governor’s night was also held on April 27 wherein a number of local artists were invited to perform in front of Laguneños.

The stage where the programs were held
One of the pretty sagalas.  The intricate Philippine Ternos these ladies wore were designed by local Laguneño artists using native materials
Ariella Arida, Miss Universe-Philippines 2013

Due to work commitments, I was unable to witness the more colorful events during the first few days.  But then, I have captured some of the trade fair booths of several towns and cities as you can see below.

A smaller version of Pila, Laguna’s Municipal Center
This is my favorite, Nagcarlan’s
Pakil, Laguna

A Baro’t Saya displayed inside one of the fair booths.

Next year, if time permits, I will see to it that this will be included in my travel bucket list.  Let us just consider this as a sneak preview for next year’s event.  Just a year earlier. 

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