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Little Liliw

Little Liliw
I quickly fell in-love with the sleepy, quaint little town of Liliw, Laguna when I first visited here with my relatives for a sandals/slippers/shoe-shopping spree about a dozen years ago. I actually did not know much about it besides the fact that it is where my Aunt Ellen loves to go shopping for cheap but classy footwear.

A certified antique-homes lover, I am in awe the moment our wheels turned right on Gat Tayaw street. Lining both sides are several Bahay -Na-Bato I absolutely love. 😀

Some of these houses have business establishments on the first floor. When I asked around, others are still being utilized as residences. On my first visit, some of them are slightly dilapidated (which made me frown and I found myself dreaming that it’s my own). Gladly, when I returned last November, a few have been re-furbished and re-painted to my delight.

Shopping up and down the street can be quite tiring. There are several local eateries where shoppers can dine and relax and the one I like to recommend is ‘Arabella’. 
This is not located on the main Gat Tayaw street. Your keen eye will not miss the signage on how to find her. This is situated at the basement of another old house on the adjacent street. I spoke with one of the servers and she verified that the name of the restaurant was derived from the owner’s two daughters, Ara and Bella. Showbiz-sounding names I know. But what I love about this gem is its rich ambience. And of course their food, not so cheap but you will not regret of trying it.

I will not recommend this to those coming on a budget since most items on their menu appears on the 3-digit category. Though please do not miss their yummy and delicious home-made brownies sold at 15 PHP a piece.

Arabella’s cozy interiors
I l♥ve its charming facade 😉

A visit in Liliw will not be complete without dropping by at their centuries-old Liliw church. Formerly named Church of Lilio, this has been restored several times the last hundred years due to natural causes like earthquakes.
The Church is lovely 

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