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Limited Mobility? Here’s How You Can Keep Exploring

Limited Mobility? Here’s How You Can Keep Exploring

The intrepid explorer is an archetype of any culture because it’s often the explorers that seek new land, new opportunities, and new wealth. That’s not to say modern-day explorers are into rampant empire-building, nor about cementing their name in history (as we see with different expeditions like those on the Terror and Cerebus, this doesn’t always have the best outcome), but having fun and seeing this beautiful world anew.

But what if you’re having trouble keeping up with the pace of your past? It might be that your age is becoming a little more notable, you’re recovering from an injury, or you have mobility issues to deal with anew.

No matter your circumstances, contending with limited mobility doesn’t have to limit your natural wanderlust. In this post, we’ll discuss some ways you can enjoy the great outdoors and make do with what you have. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Take Up Golf

Sure, golf isn’t as exploratory as hacking through the jungle with a machete, but the truth is that it can be a perfect retreat for those who want to head into perfectly curated nature, to relax with the open sky above their head, and to walk gently across differences in elevation and pitch to get the exercise they need. Moreover, with an affordable driver for beginners, you can still hit with the ergonomic drive you’re most capable of. There’s a reason golfing appeals to those who may be a little older, because all of this can combine into a great day out.

Cruises & Pre-Packaged Plans

Seafaring and enjoying cruises can be a great method of visiting a number of countries in a matter of weeks, and all of the travel and packaged deals have been provided for you ahead of time. It’s highly enjoyable to get out there for exploring the world, seeing sights that you might not have been able to otherwise, while also enjoying a lazy and utterly beautiful form of commute. When your mobility is limited, it’s very easy to struggle with transporting to and from your vacation destinations, but with this kind of plan you’ll have integrated it perfectly into your schedule. Sure, you might not be helming the ship, but that feeling of exploring the world is certainly palpable when at sea.

Turn To Culture

Sure, you might not feel as though trekking great distances or heading to remote regions is for you anymore, but that doesn’t mean you have nothing left to explore. It’s not just nature trails and stunning views that count, but also cultural heritage, learning about history, indulging in art, developing a connection to a people, and having a natural curiosity peaked. Most top-of-the-line chefs will tell you that exploring the world through your taste buds is just as important as heading there on your feet, better yet if you can find authentic cuisine in your host country.

With this advice, you’re sure to see how limited mobility doesn’t have to restrict you in any way that counts, especially with such an adventurous spirit to start with.

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