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A Love Letter To You

Ever since I have learned to logically think I have been yours. You were the one who taught me my very first ABCs, how to write my name legibly in cursive form. It is in your schools where I met my first friends. 

My heart beats for you. I yearn for your fresh air, the touch of your soft breeze upon my cheeks. I crave for your sweet fruits every summer.

Now that I am grown-up, I have started exploring your wonders. You guide me to be a good and sensible citizen. You make me realize that every creation can not and will never live independently without each other.How beautiful and wondrous you are. I never need to look at another place to live, to grow, to be an explorer, to grow old. I can never imagine myself raising my future family without you. I can never even start thinking of passing on to the next life in another part of the world.

My love for you gets stronger every day. Words aren’t enough to show you how much I care. Just thinking of conquering you sends chills down my spine. The excitement of seeing each and everyone of your amazing provinces fills me up inside. I will not be incognito.  You bring out the real me.  
A Filipino who dearly loves her country.

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