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Manuel Roxas Ancestral House

Manuel Roxas Ancestral House

I have a penchant for everything old. And an ancestral home of a former Philippine president would make it more interesting for me.

I was able to visit the birth place of the fifth president of the Republic of the Philippines and the grandfather of former Philippine Senator Mar Roxas. It is one of the last standing
houses of its kind in Roxas City. I was glad that the family takes a great effort in preserving its legacy and at the same time making sure that different sectors of society will have the opportunity to appreciate its relevance. 


Entrance fee is P 50 (for upkeep) and appointment is required before you can enter the premises. They also allow taking of photographs and touching of some items sans the breakable ones. The home has been turned into a museum and is identified by an NHCP marker. The owner’s collection of various stuff are on display. An assemblage of ancient porcelain and kitchenware can be found in the ground floor while antique furniture is displayed at different parts of the house.

The second floor is what I have expected it to be. With a wide wooden staircase, large windows and a big floor space to move around, my dream of actually owning a home like this has come alive again.

I smiled as I imagined myself in the early times, wearing a dress and donning curly hair. I looked out the window and thought of an avid suitor waiting for me at the gardens below, perhaps singing a quiet lullaby reminding of the innocence of young love.

Visiting this historical landmark is a must when in Roxas City. Take a little time off your food tripping as this proves that
Roxas City has a deep memory lane.

** I was accompanied by Angie of Las Islas Travel & Tours. You may book your Roxas City tours through the following channels.

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