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My Five Favorite Personal Blog Entries

My Five Favorite Personal Blog Entries

It may be in the way I have described each adventure or the very place I traveled to. Whatever the reason is, I find myself reading back these write-ups of mine over and over again.

I Got Charmed in Cagbalete
My intro paragraph read like this:  Our vessel sliced and diced through the dancing waves. The boat seemed to be ticklish as she jumped every now and then, the waves constantly teasing her from underneath.

I do not get tired of reading my first Cagbalete Island experience.  I am tempted to re-visit this nearby paradise next summer.

Calaguas Islands, I Love You
It is not very obvious that Calaguas Islands is one of my favorite destinations (pun-intended!).  I have been to this happy place three years in a row.  I was so taken by her innate beauty that I was able to say I love you the moment I stepped foot on her shores. 

Yes, it is possible to fall in love again, and falling in love at first sight. As our boat for 30 slowly approached Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Tinaga Island, (part of the Calaguas Group of Islands), I had a sinking but a positive feeling at the pit of my stomach that this would be very different beach experience. True enough, it seemed that when God showered the Earth with His wondrous gifts, Calaguas Islands firmly held out her hands.

20 Hours With Him
Not all my travel stories have happy endings. But as sad as this love story was, it propelled me to where I am today. Always seeking, always looking for something. But definitely stronger, braver and wiser. 

Yes, it was a trip of many firsts. It was also the travel that played a big part of what I am doing today. A traveler who is ready to take on the world to look for something that will never be there again.

Yes, I Miss You
Loving Batanes is the easiest thing to do. Not a week passes by that I do not daydream about exploring its virgin landscape and navigating its rough seas. Scared of knowing the unknown but thrilled at the thought of falling in love once more. 

I could only stare at you. In awe. In wonder. You are so beautiful. Your rawness and child-like beauty captured my heart. It tried to escape. My mind wanted to. But my heart was telling me another story.

G.I.V.E.-ing Hope in Pag-Asa Island

And last but not the least, who would have thought I will be stepping foot in the controversial Isla Pag-Asa? Thanks to my friend and to the moon and stars, that wish has become a reality and made us gain an insightful experience and new friends. 

It was unexpected. But then when the opportunity presented itself, I could no longer say no. It was a blessing of sorts. A mighty plan from above humanized in many ways. The journey at first was hazy, unsure.  But then the skies cleared and Divine Intervention won. 

How about you dear readers? Care to share with me your favorite The Mermaid Travels posts? Fire away in the comments section below!

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