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My Hunt for Filipino Antiques

My Hunt for Filipino Antiques
My love of antiques was totally reawakened after my visit to a friend’s gorgeous home last January. I already have a couple of old stuff back home: a vintage kitty painting and a rustic iron both from Ilocos. I wanted to have the old and reliable aparadors for my room. But they cost quite a fortune so I settled my eyes on smaller stuff for the mean time.

I surfed the web until I found the things that I like. I stumbled upon a 
discreet but bursting-with-wealth antiques shop in Manila and saw this century-old mirror frame and completely fell in love with it.
I visited the shop one Saturday and was welcomed by the owner. She patiently answered all the questions of a giddy antiques-lover. I was quite particular with the age because for me, the older the better. More mysterious and magical too! Imagine that much history right in
front me. I was close to hyperventilating actually.

Our home’s living room will be undergoing a 
major renovation to properly accommodate the stuff and look that I have longlonged for. My bedroom to follow. It will cost me a bit but it would be worth it I am sure. Come Christmas time I will be seeing a mini-version of TOF’s home. It may not be as beautiful as his by the end of the year but I hope the old world vibe will already exist.

That tokador has my eyes for quite some time now

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