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My Liw-Liwa Love Story

My Liw-Liwa Love Story
Waking  up at 3 AM on a Saturday is one of the most ungodly activity there is. Battling the cool morning mist, I made my way through our deserted village except for the occasional stray dog attempting to sniff my scent.  I walked briskly, gathering some inner strength in case I had to run if that dog decided I was going to be its free breakfast. There were no trikes parked at the terminal so I had to walk for about ten minutes to the main road.
My friend Chie and I boarded the first trip bound for Cubao at 4 AM.  Since it was a Saturday, passenger traffic was slow.  I think our bus grew invisible wings since we arrived not later than 5 AM at the Victory Liner terminal in Cubao.  I scanned the schedule board bound for Iba/Sta. Cruz, Zambales and it said first trip was at 6:30 AM.  We still had more than enough time to kill.  We bought our tickets at P 292 per head for San Felipe, Zambales.  After having lugaw as our first meal of the day, we boarded bus no. 43.  The bus promptly left at 6:30 AM.  Since it was our first time to go to Liw-Liwa, we kindly reminded the bus conductor a couple of times to advise us if we already reached Bobulon Elementary School which stands at the outskirts of downtown. He seemed to know where we were heading because he mentioned ‘Liw-Liwa?’ with a smile on his face.
4 1/2 hours later, we hired a trike (P 30 per head) to take us to the Circle Hostel.  The roads were unpaved for more than half of the way but the 10-minute ride was pretty much tolerable.  Perhaps it could get worse if it was raining.
The Circle Hostel
Bunk beds at 350 per night

The road leading to the cluster of inns and hostels were surrounded by Pine trees.  
A soft breeze caused the gentle trees to sway.  
It was noon time but the tall trees shadowed everything below.  
Helping in cooling off an already humid morning. 

    Hammocks at P 250 per night. Locker rental is free, just bring your own padlock. If you don’t have one, padlock rental is at P20. If you bring your own tent, camping is @ P 250 per head. 

After presenting our deposit slip at the reception, Chie and I decided to rest for a couple of hours.  Anyway, we couldn’t go against the unrelenting sun at high noon.  The receptionist gave us our sheets and kindly instructed us to settle down in any empty bunk beds.  She told us that there were just five people staying at the time of our arrival and we found ourselves grinning stupidly while going up the stairs.  The hostel was really cool.  Excited, we finally settled down at two of the second level bunks at the far corner.  Each bunk bed have their own privacy curtains and mosquito net.  

After a short nap, we freshened up and went straight to the beach.  The below scenery greeted us.  Gentle waves coming from the West Philippine Sea and an almost deserted shoreline.  It was a perfect afternoon to get re-acquainted with your surf board. 

The beach was almost deserted in the afternoon and the mountains were standing still from a distance


I met Kelly at Mommy Phoebe’s, the eatery just right beside the hostel

Of course! Going to Liw-Liwa will not be complete without surfing!

Oh men! My itchy feet were did they go this time?
We retired early that evening.  It was only 7:30 PM but our beds were already calling our names.  The cool wind lulled us to sleep in no time.  After a dreamless sleep,  we woke up to the sounds of chirping birds.  I looked at my mobile phone to check the time and I was not surprised I slept for eleven straight hours!  It was by far the most relaxing sleep I had. πŸ™‚
The hostel offers complimentary breakfast.  For the following morning, they served bread and butter and fresh bananas.  It was served in the common area near the lockers.
Complimentary breakfast courtesy of The Circle Hostel

Since we already had our fill prior to this day,  we went back to the beach and just did people-watching.  I noticed this couple who were also staying in our hostel, having their surfing lessons.  We met them later on.  They were Peter and Rizza.  After sometime, both of them were able to stand up!  Chie and I really fought the urge to join them.  However, we already made a promise to hit the beach again soon.  If properties in Boracay are as cheap as getting here, I would buy one and go there next so I could have a place I can call my own.  But then, the north beckons. Perhaps in La Union this time.

These boulders were at one side of the beach

A local surfer applying wax in surf board.  Really could help a beginner from slipping!

These two were enjoying watching the surfers as much as we did.  They were so friendly.
How many times they sat with us just when our cameras were about to click!

Lovable kitties were also abound in the area.
 I am not leaving until I get to capture all of them in photos!

Finding a new place to travel to is often times hard work.  But then, my yearning for adventure never ceases.  Definitely, my love story with Liw-Liwa is just beginning.  

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