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My Top 15 Pinoy Travel Blogs

I am having trouble listing down my town 15 since there are many travel blogs worth mentioning. But without further ado, below are the top 15 blogs who made it in my list as my response to Out Of Town Blog‘s poll.Marxtermind
Ivan Lakwatsero
Nomadic Experiences

Traveling Morion
The World Behind My Wall
Chyng Reyes
Escape Islands

Journeying Pinay
Pinoy Adventurista
The Poor Traveler
Ivan About Town

9 thoughts on “My Top 15 Pinoy Travel Blogs”

  • Wow! amazing place to see,nice work on this blog.I want to visit some places from this which you are discuss in this blog but now a days i,m on a bus tour.After this i wish to travel along with you ,nice sharing.

  • Really amazing sharing your shared information is very helpful for all blog readers. I have been visited some places that you mentions above. But I really want to visit USA in coming month with my family. This country has a variety of tourist attractions to see and rich in history.

    • Absolutely right Howard! USA has a big range of tourist attraction to see the beautiful creation of God. I visit in different cities before my niagara falls tours. I want to share some beautiful and famous attraction in USA. The Grand Canyon, SeaWorld Orlando, Magic Kingdom, Yellowstone National Park, Central Park Islands of Adventure are the most famous attraction in this country. If you chance to go there so you must visit in these attractions. I hope you like it.

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