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Off To A New Start

Off To A New Start
My constant readers may have noticed that I only got two travel entries last December 2012. I actually had several posts readied for posting but for some reason I didn’t feel like publishing them. The Holidays arrived and I found myself hibernating in my own world. New year was around the corner and I only get to talk to my family. I have not even thought of going online to check my Facebook account or e-mail address for updates and messages. Why? I do not know either.

I had a full and blessed 2012. Travels were abound and I have gained many friends. The most rewarding is the exhilirating feeling I embrace after every travel. The welcoming feeling of successfully conquering a place you have never been to, mentally ticking off one destination in my travel list.

I am not that young anymore nor am I that too old. I still see a full life ahead of me. With God’s permission, I will still get to travel even if my hair is as white as snow.

Something loved me. But something, which I thought would be within me no matter what happens, left me. Oh well, now I can prove that no matter if you give your all, something will still leave you, abandon you in the dark, cold and alone.

A few days after new year’s day. I found myself reading my travel posts for the past 12 months. Up until now I still couldn’t believe I was able to accomplish all those adventures!  Something made me sad during the last part of 2012. However, travelling back in time helped me realize I was truly blessed and there are many others who willingly appreciate my efforts and company.

I read almost all of my entries and I found myself getting super excited again! Found myself again staring at Google Maps (my favorite past-time). Found myself eager to meet new friends along the road. And found myself no longer sad since something left me all alone.

Now I see 2013 brighter than ever! I fully understand now what they say when things don’t go as you wished for or something made you sad, traveling is the best remedy there is.

And off I will travel again to where my itchy feet will lead me. Off to a new start. Off to a new beginning.

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Blogger’s Blog Carnival for January 2013 with the theme “New Beginnings” posted in Roj Braga’s blog The Adventures of Adventuroj.

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