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On the Way to Bagan

On the Way to Bagan

Since only a handful of Filipino travelers have explored Myanmar, we doubly searched how we will navigate from Yangon to Bagan by land.  I read a few blogs and also consulted several friends who have already been there to get the right directions.

We reserved our bus tickets at one of the booking agencies located in Aung San Stadium which was in front of Yangon Railway Station. We checked several shops to compare prices and found that their average price was at MMK 15500 or an estimate of PHP 550. The bus was air-conditioned and provided a bottle of water. For an 8-hour ride at that cheap fare, it wasn’t so bad.

Booking agencies are abound at the exterior of Bogyoke Aung San Stadium
With my new friend, Hla Minn

We were asked by our new friend, Hla Minn, to be at their booth exactly at 4 PM. A shuttle will pick us up from there which then will transport us to the bus terminal located about an hour from town. We were scheduled to leave for Bagan at 7 PM that night.

We arrived a little before six in the evening at the bus terminal. It was more than enough time to kill. My friend and I were thinking of buying something to munch on that night. However, we decided against it as we had a late and heavy lunch.  

Vendors were abuzz in the area selling different stuff form breads to local handicrafts, to thirst quenchers to what we have been eyeing to buy for a while then – longyi.

Longyis are a traditional sheet of cloth worn by both men and women in Myanmar. Worn from the waist, the skirt reaches floor length. Longyis for men are often plain in design while women’s tend to be more colorful and vibrant. Seeing them wear it made me imagine what I would look like in one. I did not get the chance to wear it in Myanmar though. I should try it on soon. I bought a piece for only MMK 2000 or PHP 70. The quality was not good but it had to do for it was a definite bargain.

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