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One Night in Kuala Lumpur

One Night in Kuala Lumpur

It was my first time to travel alone in and out of the country. Though my friend Marx joined me the next day, it had not really occurred to me that it will actually happen. The thought only sank in the moment I was booking my accommodation for a one-night stay here in Kuala Lumpur a few months back.

The Philippine Islands from above

While I had been to Kuala Lumpur almost a year before, I came there with a friend. We went on ten-day backpacking trip across three countries starting with Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. This time, I ventured in a grueling two-week long stay in India from Malaysia. Friend Marx spent the day earlier in Singapore to meet his friends and we agreed to just meet in Kuala Lumpur on the 15th of September.

Earlier this day, I re-checked my stuff multiple times and glanced over my e-tickets to check if I had not missed one. Looking into the e-mail confirmation and the printed one, I noticed that my flight information back to Manila from Bangkok were different. I quickly called the airline’s customer service and was informed that my flight was re-routed to BKK-MNL which was originally BKK-Clark  I did not complain since Manila is closer and it did not cost me any charges. I quickly had it printed, packed my bags for the final time, and finally, under four hours of my departure time, I was on my way to the airport.

Arriving a little below two hours, I still had enough time to go to the rest room to freshen up. I noticed an attractive, middle-aged woman talking on the phone. I had to smile at myself since I overheard her telling the other person on the line to take care of her dog while she is away. It suddenly occurred to me that I was not able to properly say my goodbyes to my cat Pochoy! Well, blame it on the wrong e-ticket!  

One of the best rewards of traveling is meeting new friends!
L-R: Kelly, Ate Peachy and and Ms. I-forgot-to-ask-her-name-sorry!

Later on, I met the lady who was worrying about her dog while we were waiting for our boarding time. She was quick to introduce herself and we easily became at ease with each other as we chatted on about our pet companions. I was ignoring my growling stomach since I no longer have Peso with me since I shelled out all when I paid the terminal fee (which I forgot to add in my expenses).

Ate Peachy said goodbye for a while to eat lunch. To my surprise, she came back with a pastry for me! Wow, I thought internally. Here is a stranger whom I just met but was kind enough to hear out my hungry tummy! I would get her e-mail address for further correspondence but to my dismay, I lost it after I reset my phone’s settings. It reminded me that writing down information is really the reliable alternative.   

One rainy night in a Private Single Room with complimentary breakfast
spent at Paradiso Bed & Breakfast

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The next morning, Marx arrived from Singapore. After catching a couple hours of sleep, we went on our way to enjoy our first and last morning in Kuala Lumpur. The Twin Towers was still standing magnificently even though the cloudy skies prevented us from taking a grand picture.

And I met Petronas Towers again!
This time in the morning
Me and Marx happily posing before boarding our flight  
to Bangalore from KLIA – LCCT

When we were about to board our plane for India, I told Marx that I did not know what I was actually feeling. I could not figure out if I was nervous or excited. Maybe it was a mixture of both or perhaps it was due to the fact that we were still not believing that we were finally going to India after more than a year of preparations. Or maybe it was also because of the questions going around inside my head like what can India offer to women travelers like me.

I had my answers a few hours later.

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