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Palo’s Pride

Palo’s Pride

I did not know that Doug was so tall. He was twice my height making him stand at more than 10 feet tall!  As our trike stopped right in front of General Douglas MacArthur Park in Palo Leyte, I see his head and that of his comrades peeking above the marker placed almost lying in front of them. Hahaha! Of course I know he is not really a giant.

Before shaking his hand, I stopped by at one side and read the plaque placed during the 90s. After which, tears almost dropped from my moist eyes, my throat constricted and my hair stood up upon feeling the heroism of the past spilled from these deep and touching wordings. That was the moment I greatly appreciated the freedom I have. The freedom to read that marker, the freedom to stand there and the freedom to ponder what might have been.

As he promised, MacArtthur returned from the US in October 1944.

My friend Ephraim and I were very lucky. The weather was cooperating and there were no other tourists at the park except for us for about a good 30 minutes. Taking different shots of the handsome Gen. MacArthur, famous for the line ‘I Shall Return’, you could say I was sort of starstruck. I was wondering what it felt like seeing him actually walk on these historic grounds that would change the life of the whole country. Suntok sa buwan!

Ephraim and I enjoying the solitude of the park

Deciding it was now or never, I took off my socks and shoes and waded into the almost knee-deep pool park water. I posed like I was one of the troops and pretended to be a little girl guided by his strength.

Surely, this monumental event in our history should not be forgotten. For this is the culmination of hundreds of years of colonial ruling of our beloved Motherland. The freedom we now have came from the selfless dedication of many men and women who believed that they fought war not for glory, but simply for freedom, as a Scottish King once gloriously said.
Leyte Landing Memorial

It is all for freedom.

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