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Pre-Trip Planning: What to Do in Ten Long Days

In a little over three months from now, my friend Chie and I will embark on a 10-day journey across three countries. With only the two of us in the traveling party, the time to lay out all the plans starts now. Our initial planning happened yesterday, covering the following points:

1.  Countries to visit.
2.  Time spent in each realm.
3.  Budget.
4.  Possible accommodations.
5.  Target date for booking return flight.

Last year, me and my friends visited Hong Kong (most of them were first-time travelers abroad) and I had  tasked myself to be in-charge of everything (reservations, itinerary-planning etc,) it was fun but it was not really easy. Hong Kong is a virtual maze and I wanted our trip to go as smoothly as possible due to time constraints. That was why after finishing all my tasks in the office, I would launch a new browser and open many, many tabs (the more the better!) and start my trip over the wired world. Now, hopefully, after my last local air travel this weekend, I will be having more time to help my friend planning this long-dreamed of escapade.

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